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Data Centre World – Wisetek UK Attends

Prior to this week’s Data Center World event in London, Wisetek UK urged all businesses to improve their data center sustainability practices.

Calls for Sustainability –
“The backbone of our flourishing digital economy is the data centre,” notes Sean Sheehan CEO of Wisetek, “Modern data centres are quite resource-intensive, consuming about one per cent of total electricity consumption worldwide, or 205 terawatt-hours. Reducing this figure will require greater efforts in data centre resource management.”

The environmental impact can be huge – It’s expected that data centres will consume around 20% of the worlds power supply by 2025. Alongside that, there was an estimated 59.4 million tonnes of e-waste produced globally in 2022, and the decommissioning of Data Centres is one of the biggest contributors. With demand for more data centres only increasing, businesses need to be aware of where their e-waste is going and how it’s being handled –

“Our decommissioning services provide full ITAD reporting, including certificates of data destruction and inventory reporting whilst endeavoring to minimise the amount of e-waste generated via the recycling and reuse of IT assets wherever possible” adds Business Development Manager for the UK, Charles Green

Migration, Decommissioning, Data Destruction & Erasure Services – 
“Data Centres are becoming more and more commonplace. When handling large amounts of data like this it is imperative that you operate safely.” Green continues – “Wisetek provides data sanitisation and data centre hardware lifecycle management solutions, an exciting new field. We have continually innovated in the OEM industry and we are delighted to showcase our expertise in the Data Centre field this week at the Data Centre World event.”

Wisetek’s suite of data centre services includes migration, data centre decommissioning, data destruction, and erasure services.

“We know the importance of keeping your data secure. Through our migration services we provide a customer site audit which keeps clients up to date, Realtime portal reports and a full IT relocation service, including deinstallation, logistics, packaging, reinstallation and power up. For those decommissioning, we provide a secure suite of services, including decable and derack. A full efficient IT asset audit is provided, including inventory reconciliation of retired assets, alongside receipts and logging of assets into the inventory tracking system”

Materials that are no longer required are recycled to Wisetek’s Sustainable EARTH standard, which has been externally certified to the R2 Responsible Recycling standard and compliant with all global regulations.

“The Wisetek Sustainable EARTH Program is designed to provide assurance that all of our processing is done in a full transparent, secure and auditable manner whilst ensuring compliance with the highest global environmental regulatory recycling standards”