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If you work in tech, there’s no way to sugarcoat the headlines surrounding the mass redundancies that have been circulating ad nauseam since the end of 2022.

But what the headlines don’t tell you is that despite the thousands of layoffs that have occurred, tech is still a thriving industry and certain sectors, particularly those that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are not only staying the course – but are expected to grow significantly in coming years.

So those thinking about changing careers or pivoting to a new area, AI is a pretty safe bet.

Growth phase

Take OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT as the perfect example of why AI is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives.

With its ability to provide well-written answers to pretty much any question, create CVs and cover letters and even write poetry, it’s easy to see why the platform reached 100 million users in two months, something TikTok and Instagram only achieved after nine months and two years respectively.

Microsoft has reportedly poured billions more on top of its initial $1 billion investment in ChatGPT in 2019. Other companies are swiftly following suit: Google is hot on OpenAI’s heels with the development of its own chatbot, Bard, which will provide a similar service, and Snapchat is releasing its own chatbot called “My AI,” which will be pinned to the app’s chat tab above conversations with friends.

Mass adoption

According to the World Economic Forum, the field of AI will create another 95 million high-paying jobs by 2025.

The UK government predicts that the scope for accelerated adoption is large, rising from 15.1% in 2020 to 22.7% in 2025, with an additional 267,000 businesses using AI in their operations. By 2040, it estimates the adoption rate will be 34.8%, with 1.3 million businesses relying on AI and expenditure will have risen from £16.7 billion to £83.5 billion.

As the sector continues to grow and with non-tech industries like insurance, healthcare and even farming using AI to streamline processes and data, artificial intelligence looks set to become even more prevalent. IT professionals working in other areas such as cloud computing and cybersecurity will increasingly have to rely on AI tools.

Talent pool

While AI and ML skills are specialised, software engineers and programmers who have proficiency in a coding language can easily adapt their technical skills – most AI and ML development roles require Python and C++.

And for those who want to undertake a more in-depth understanding, there are several online courses from the likes of Coursera that can be completed part-time, outside of normal working hours. Or if you want to gain a more formal accreditation, the University of Oxford, University of London and Imperial College London are just some of the educational institutions that provide online courses.

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PhD Student, London (AI), Meta London

Meta is seeking PhD Students to join Facebook AI research (FAIR) in London. The London office is specifically working on natural language processing, 3D computer vision and reinforcement learning and is looking for individuals passionate in these areas. PhD positions are four-year fixed terms for PhD students, who will work in collaboration with research labs at the departments of computer science at UCL or Oxford, jointly supervised by academics at these labs and research scientists at FAIR. View more details here.

Senior Architect – AI Communications, Propel Together, London

A leading provider of enterprise information archiving solutions is looking for a Senior Architect to secure and preserve communications data to give clients greater visibility and control over their information while ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. You will work closely with the principal architect, dev leads and product teams to deliver new products and features, while guiding developers from various teams. To apply, you’ll need five-plus years’ experience with Java and JavaScript, as well as experience with Kubernetes. See the full job description here.

Associate Python Software Engineer, ComplyAdvantage, London

ComplyAdvantage is the financial industry’s leading source of AI-driven financial crime risk data and detection technology. It is hiring an Associate Python Software Engineer to help build SaaS-based anti-money laundering solutions to help organisations fight financial crime. Working alongside machine learning engineers, data scientists and other software engineers, you will deliver and maintain projects, participate in feature design and write, test and document code. Apply for this role here.

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