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Monterosa announce ChatGPT helper to become part of Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

The new capability will enable users to leverage ChatGPT to help generate interactive content ideas on the fly

Monterosa has announced that creating content in real-time engagement platform Monterosa / Interaction Cloud is about to get a boost, thanks to a handy new integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Monterosa’s new Content Helper will support creators with ideas for polls, predictions and quizzes, potentially saving hours of content creation time.

Users will simply type in the context of what they’d like the content to be based on, e.g. ‘Liverpool FC vs Everton Merseyside derby’, and then allow the Helper to come up with a suggested trivia question, alongside possible answers.

For anyone using the platform to power live blogs or match centres, this is sure to save time and produce options that can be curated and edited for accuracy.

Helper also auto-populates the necessary fields within the platform, saving even more time copying and pasting or building feed integrations. Currently integrated with GPT-3.5 series, with an update planned for GPT-4 soon.

Here’s how it works:

  • Select the Element type (e.g. Poll, Quiz, Prediction)
  • Type in what content should be based on
    I.e. FIFA World Cup 2018
  • Click ‘`Generate content.
    The helper will then create the question and the list of possible answers
  • Click ‘Apply Generated Values’
    This will auto-populate the required fields with the correct information
  • Click ‘Save and Publish’
    Success! The interactive content is now live.

So say goodbye to writers’ block and let ChatGPT and the Interaction Cloud speed things along.

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Monterosa provides real-time engagement for major sport and media organisations that want to build valuable direct audience relationships. Customers include Liverpool FC, ITV, Sky, Formula E, IMG, EA SPORTS, Paramount and more.

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud is the SaaS platform that helps them innovate more quickly at scale. By adopting a single platform to power all of their interactive experiences, they benefit from efficient high volume support, internationalisation and secure first party data capture.

From EA SPORTS Premier League Player of The Month to Nickelodeon’s NFL coverage and ITV’s reality hit Love Island, Monterosa technology can be found at the heart of the most interactive sport and entertainment properties.

Product and content teams gain competitive advantage with fast access to both ready-made and customisable gamification, participation and interactive video experiences, all designed to integrate with their existing digital products on every screen.

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