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Amdaris launches global partner ecosystem

Digital transformation specialist Amdaris today announced the launch of its global partner ecosystem. The ecosystem will serve as a vital resource for customers who want to build and scale their products, alongside those who wish to go to market faster without major upfront investment.

Existing partners include Stripe, the financial infrastructure platform. Together, Stripe and Amdaris are supporting nkoda, the digital sheet music subscription app, to create a single digital access point for musical material to revolutionise the way musicians around the world learn, create, collaborate and share music.

Strategic Blue, the company empowering organisations to unlock maximum economic value from the cloud, is also a partner.

Farid Mohsen, Strategic Business Manager at Amdaris, commented: “Our partner ecosystem is an opportunity to work closely with our partners to enhance both our propositions and deliver an end to end service offering. We’re actively seeking solutions providers who require implementation support and systems integration capability. Whether it’s extending a team, building a big idea, or supporting an existing project, we can provide value through our expertise in building out end to end solutions.”

Peter Cummings, EMEA partner ecosystem lead at Stripe, added: “By partnering with Amdaris and introducing a comprehensive set of partner resources, companies around the world will be able to accelerate their move to online commerce more easily.”