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EasyA partners with Solana Foundation to launch world’s first mobile crash course for Solana developers

EasyA, an award-winning Web3 learning app, has today announced that it has partnered with The Solana Foundation, a non-profit organisation overseeing the Solana Network, to launch the EasyA Solana Developer Crash Course.

This world first means that developers can go from zero knowledge of Solana to deploying their very own smart contract, right from a mobile app. The mobile course already has over 1,000 sign-ups from learners since EasyA opened it up to early registration a week ago.

To create the mobile crash course, EasyA has engaged with focus groups from top universities around the world, including Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge, to understand Web3 developers’ most prominent challenges for building on the blockchain. Not knowing where to start, reading through cumbersome docs, and watching complicated YouTube tutorials were some of the biggest obstacles highlighted by Web3 builders.

EasyA, in partnership with The Solana Foundation, began building the mobile crash course to resolve these challenges, allowing anyone to learn Solana development and deploy their first smart contract right from their mobile. Operating from Geneva, The Solana Foundation has over 100 employees dedicated to the decentralisation and security of the Solana network while driving mass adoption of the blockchain.

EasyA’s world-class engineers have also integrated a gamification element, enabling Web3 developers to earn NFTs for completing courses with further developments on this to be announced in Q2 2023.

Phil Kwok, Co-Founder of EasyA, comments: “There are so many super smart engineers who are foaming at the bit to get started building in Web3 and are hyped about building on Solana. The only problem? It’s too difficult to get started. Who has the time or patience to read through all the docs? Who can actually spend hours wrestling with different installations to get the chain set up on their computer? None of those is an actual option. What if learning about Solana was as simple as opening up Duolingo and starting a quiz? That’s exactly what we’ve built. So learning to build on Solana is as easy as opening the app and hitting go.

With my co-founder and brother, Dom, we have a clear vision with EasyA to bring the next one billion developers into Web3. There’s no way we can do this by just throwing docs at people. We need to make learning about Web3 absolutely effortless, and our latest Solana challenges are just the beginning. We have so much more to do, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be announcing many more challenges in the Solana ecosystem soon.”

The EasyA Solana Developer Crash Course will officially launch on 24.03.23 Builders can start the Solana challenges by accessing the app at: