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Selfridges Lists Stackable Pancake Co Brand after using AI-powered Product Guru platform

Homegrown business Stackable Pancake Co secured a life-changing Selfridges listing only two weeks after joining Product Guru’s Gift Food and Drink Huddle–Product Guru’s digital event series powered by tech.

From their kitchen to retailer shelves.

The inspiring story of Stackable Pancake Co started with founder Alex Newman during the 2020 Covid Lockdown. One of their fondest memories from childhood was going out for brunch with mum at the weekend and having pancakes. hey wanted to take their greatest memories and turn it into something everyone can enjoy.

Huddles gave them the opportunity to take their small business and bring it centre stage to leading UK retailers. After getting the life-changing opportunity to present their products to buyers such as Selfridges, they were able to secure a record breaking listing just two weeks after attendance. Alex Newman, co-founder comments: “”We secured a Selfridges listing post our 4D Huddle. Within 4 weeks from pitch we were in store and on the shelf. Since the Huddle we have been in talks with multiple retailers and distributors and we are hoping to get a few more listings in due course. It seems we have an exciting few months ahead.”

How Huddles helped Stackable Pancake Co reach the forefront of UK retail

Huddles (powered by Product Guru) empowers brands by bringing the retailers to them in a one-day experience. At each Huddle event, brands have eight minutes to engage with every buyer who attends in a speed-meeting format and then follow up with them afterwards through the Product Guru platform. “From the Huddle we were able to message the buyers who were at the event through Product Guru’s online platform. From there we’ve had a couple of video calls and email exchanges.” Says Alex Newman, co-founder of Stackable Pancake Co

A game-changing event format

The unique hybrid format facilitates meetings with buyers fast, changing the way traditional trade shows operate and letting brands get right to the heart of conversations. “As we had Pancake Day coming up a few weeks after the Huddle, Selfridges were keen to get moving straight away to get us in to store in time. It was super quick and we were on the shelf within 4 weeks.”

The 2023 Gift Food & Drink Huddle was a testament to the enduring success of Product Guru’s game changing Huddles series. Simon Coyle, Product Guru CEO says: “We’re incredibly humbled by the continued success of Huddles. As a startup ourselves, we know the difficulties small brands can face when trying to reach key contacts that will provide life-changing opportunities for their business. We’re thrilled to be able to provide an avenue that makes this process as accessible as possible for challenger brands.”

What’s next for Stackable Pancake Co

Alex Newman comments: “We want the Stackable Pancake Co to be all about the whole family getting messy in the kitchen, having fun and making food memories. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or all day every day we don’t judge, we’re just all about the pancakes.

With our rebrand taking place at the end of 2022, we have really focused on our message and how we want to be seen. Both our Christmas tree and Birthday pancake kits have seen a large increase in sales since, and these are two of the products we focused heavily on at our huddle. Both products have gained a lot of traction since the huddle and we are hoping to see these popping up in some new places soon as well.”