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Veracity Trust Network invited to highlight the growing threat of online bots at ‘The Great British Tech Off’

Pioneering tech company, Veracity Trust Network, recently present on the growing threat of online bots at ‘The Great British Tech Off’.

Having taken place at The British Embassy in Brussels on 7th March 2023, The Great British Tech Off provided the opportunity for UK companies active in the AI, 5G, Cyber Security and Cleantech sectors to introduce and highlight the value of their solution to bank executives, telecom companies, city representatives, federations and wider stakeholders from across the EU and UK.

Hosted by Tech UK, a trade association dedicated to bringing professionals, companies, and organisations together to realise the positive outcomes achieved by digital technology, the event welcomed 10 UK businesses, where Veracity Trust Network discussed the challenge caused by ‘bad’ online bots.

This exciting opportunity came as Veracity Trust Network unveiled its rebrand from previous company name, Beacon, together with the launch of its revolutionary Website Threat Protection software.

A machine-learning bot detection solution that safeguards online revenue, competitive edge, and brand reputation, the new Veracity platform is applicable to any business operating a website and blocks a wide range of bot attacks, preserving website performance, while optimising infrastructure costs and security resources.

Discussing the forthcoming Great British Tech Off, Stuart Boutcher, CTO of Veracity Trust Network, said: “The Great British Tech Off was an excellent event that showcased some of the most innovative and valuable solutions the UK tech sector has to offer to relevant stakeholders.

Having the opportunity to present and to discuss the very real and growing threat of online bot attacks is something we at Veracity Trust Network were very excited about, but also something we felt was required.

Essentially, any website that hosts valuable data, such as personal or financial information, is a target for bot attacks – which can result in loss of revenue, reputational damage and the loss of customer trust and engagement. The main issue is that most businesses aren’t aware of what they can do to prevent such attacks before it’s too late. This is where our Website Threat Protection platform comes into play, and we welcomed the opportunity to showcase how it works and the positive impact it can have.”

Co-founded by forward-thinking tech entrepreneurs, Nigel Bridges, Stewart Boutcher and Mike Townend, the development of the new Website Threat Protection software follows the continued growth of the Veracity Ad Fraud Protection Solution – which detects bots and blocks them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Search Ads, and Microsoft Search Ads to maximise digital advertising spend and increase ROI.