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Veteran Film Editor’s Tech Start-Up Louper Allows Creatives Real Time Collaboration

Louper, the tech start-up founded by veteran film editor Alex Williams, offers a real-time collaboration platform to creatives in the Media & Entertainment space. Directors, producers, editors, colourists, and sound designers use Louper to get work done faster, regardless of their location or time zone.

The company was founded by Alex Williams, a film editor with a fifteen-year career spanning commercials and feature films, in February 2022. Headquartered in the UK with remote team members in Asia and the US, Louper counts independent creatives, post-production houses and major studios, including those working on projects for Disney and Warner Bros, in the US, UK, and Europe as customers.

Speaking about how Louper came to fruition, Williams had this to say:
“I started Louper because I needed to solve a problem I was experiencing as an editor working with remote teams. I needed a simple and effective way to collaborate in real-time with the directors and agencies I work with.

Generic video conferencing tools are unsuitable to the task, and the smattering of purpose-built solutions out there are not at all cost-effective for anyone but major studios. So, I set out to solve this problem for myself, and soon realised that swathes of other filmmakers had the same problem I did.”

Louper is a cloud-based real-time collaboration platform that combines video chat with high quality livestreaming. Creatives and executives can work in real time from anywhere; voice chat, text chat, and video chat options are all available.

For clients joining live review sessions, the platform is entirely browser-based, with no downloads or setup required. People can also demo the service first to see if it fits their needs. For creatives, a simple desktop app powers the livestreaming of work sessions from any source – be it NLEs like Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, or HDMI and SDI feeds – to Louper rooms in up to 4K with high-bitrate video and audio. A feature set purpose-built for video professionals ensures seamless, ultra-low latency collaboration from anywhere in the world.

When speaking about future plans for the platform, Williams concluded by saying:

“We’re very excited about the next batch of upgrades. Currently we’re looking to include features to support 10-bit HDR video, flexible team management, direct streaming integration with NLEs like Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro, and native iPhone and iPad apps.”

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