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Umbraco recognized in leading analyst overview of enterprise CMS market

Open-source content management system (CMS) provider, Umbraco, has been named in The Content Management Systems Landscape, Q2 2023, published by Forrester.

Commenting on the company’s inclusion in the Forrester Content Management Systems Landscape, Q2 2023, Kim Sneum-Madsen, Umbraco CEO, said “As an open-source platform, Umbraco is flexible, extensible and composable by nature. With the launch of Umbraco Marketplace, we have made it even easier for organizations to discover technologies that are easy to integrate, allowing for the composition of digital experiences that precisely meet business and customer requirements.”

The Umbraco CMS underpins thousands of government, retail and professional services websites around the world, with a strong presence in Europe, the UK and the US. The open-source core is actively supported by a quarter of a million developers and 1,500 digital agency partners, backed by a commercial organization, which provides support, training, and automated updates on Umbraco Cloud.
Umbraco’s headless CMS, Umbraco Heartcore, allows backend data storage and content editing functions to be decoupled from frontend experiences, to allow brands to swiftly serve fresh content to multiple channels and speed time to market, while delivering a consistent brand experience across every interface.

The inclusion in The Content Management Systems Landscape, Q2 2023 follows closely on the news that Umbraco has acquired Outfield Digital, developer of the popular Vendr ecommerce platform and Konstrukt back-office user interface software.

“We heartily welcome Umbraco’s inclusion in the Forrester Content Management Systems Landscape Report,” said Kim Sneum-Madsen. “Our composable digital experience platform strategy is designed to enable our partners and clients to build enhanced digital experiences, using products that integrate seamlessly with the Umbraco CMS. We plan to continue improving our services through integrations or acquisitions that allow organizations to compose their preferred tech stack.”