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NEWS: Major B2B Global Research Study Finds Safety, Trust, Customer Experience are Crucial for Success in a Competitive and Dynamic B2B Marketplace

Major B2B Global Research Study Finds Safety, Trust, and Customer Experience are Crucial for Success in a Competitive and Dynamic B2B Marketplace

Merkle’s third B2B Superpowers Index reveals profound shifts in the B2B sector and delivers actionable advice for driving growth and competitive advantage through world-class experiences

Merkle, dentsu’s leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company, launched its global B2B Superpowers Index; the guide for brands endeavouring to deliver exceptional B2B experiences and increase their customer base. The report was developed by Merkle B2B, which provides an integrated suite of specialised capabilities, tailored to the needs of global B2B organisations.

This global research report combines quantitative and qualitative data from B2B buyers across different industries – including technology, financial services, manufacturing, and professional services – and across key markets around the world. It is the third edition of the Superpowers research survey, which tracks year-on-year trends and aims to support B2B brands in developing strategies for the future.

“Experience is now critical to every business. The pressure is firmly on B2B brands to enter the CX arena and deliver growth in new and innovative ways,” said Rob Gold, UK CEO at Merkle B2B. “By combining customer understanding, impactful market presence and technology integration, B2B companies can match their B2C counterparts and elevate buyer experience to new levels.”

As the economy continues to face challenges, de-prioritising B2B relationships could hurt brands in the long run. The B2B Superpowers Index acts as a resource for B2B teams by revealing the key factors that influence buying decisions and providing context, key learnings, and recommended applications of findings to ensure business leaders have a roadmap for success. Insights from this year’s Superpowers Index include:

The growing competitor landscape in B2B: On average, B2B buyers are evaluating a higher number of potential partners when making purchase decisions, and are taking longer to make their final decisions – creating further obstacles for B2B brands looking to win new business.

The B2B performance gap is narrowing: The performance gap continued to narrow between leading brands and second place contenders. This divergence underscores the increased competition in B2B markets, and the critical importance of continuous innovation. More and more B2B buyers are making decisions to eliminate existing suppliers or make changes to their vendor roster.

The need for buyers to feel safe: One concern that didn’t surface in the inaugural 2019 report is the importance of feelings of safety in signing a contract with a supplier. Safety as a decision factor has been skyrocketing to the top of many buyers’ lists, and is now one of the most important factors influencing vendor selection.

Gold added, “As the B2B industry faces uncertainty, leaders cannot afford to risk losing out. The Merkle Superpowers Index is a major customer focused study, providing unique insights into B2B buyers and showing how to build lasting partnerships with brands.”

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