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eSim: 5 Compelling Features That Will Make You Throw Away Your Old Sim Card

A subscriber identity model (or SIM for short) is the card that you slide into your phone. It has the capacity to store certain data such as your contact information, number, messages, and allows you to make calls. Now, there’s a new kid on the block – an eSIM (an embedded SIM). It has all the features of a traditional SIM card and then some. Here are 5 that will compel you to make the switch:

1. You can switch networks in the blink of an eye

How many times have you found out that certain carriers will give you a better deal while abroad? The problem is, with traditional SIM cards, you’d typically have to poke around your smartphone’s intestines to get the old one out and replace it with a new one. eSIMs, on the other hand, completely remove the physical aspect of switching a carrier, since everything is done digitally.

Typically, an eSIM allows you to switch between 5 different carriers at the tap of a screen. For instance, you can get an eSIM Card for Spain if you know you’ll be traveling to the country so as to avoid having to get a SIM card locally or risk being slapped with a hefty data roaming phone bill. Perhaps you want to slide in another country into your itinerary – again, the process to switch the carrier is easy with an eSIM. Plus, you won’t need to worry about misplacing all those tiny little SIM cards that can go missing in a heartbeat.

2. Activation is simple and straightforward

Have you ever tried switching and activating a foreign local SIM card? Not only do you need to have the skills, dexterity, and patience of a surgeon, there’s also the issue of having to navigate the complex menus in a foreign language. Granted, there is an option to set English as the main language, provided you can get through the maze first (or ask a local for assistance).

In comparison, activating an eSIM is an absolute breeze. Everything can be done from the comfort of your sofa and from your home country, well before you board the plane. All it takes is following some simple guidelines the carrier will share with you, and you’ll be covered for the entire duration of your travels abroad.

3. More space for hardware that actually matters

Despite the fact that SIM cards have generally decreased in size over the years, they’re still there. In other words, a smartphone still needs to have a dedicated compartment to fit one of these cards, which means that manufacturers have to make several hardware-related compromises along the way to accommodate for the extra space.

In fact, some of the newer smartphone models, particularly the ones in the higher price range, completely part ways with the now-outdated SIM cards by design. This allows the manufacturers to incorporate better hardware such as a larger battery or a faster CPU. At the same time, getting rid of the traditional SIM compartment means less risk of water droplets slipping through the cracks and causing damage.

The SIM card compartment takes up valuable hardware space.


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4. You can top it up at any time

Gone are the days when you had to fear being locked into a contract with a carrier that no longer served you or expired just a tiny bit too early. After all, you travel plans may change without prior notice, making it good to know that you can top up your eSIM at any time. If you run out of data, topping up your balance is simple and straightforward.

Simply visit your chosen provider’s website and follow the directions. In case you need a different plan that’s suitable for another country or region, you may have to re-download the eSIM. But don’t worry, doing so does not require any technical skills at all and nowadays, there are easy-to-find-and-follow-along guides for almost anything under the sun.

5. Access unlimited data

Depending on the plan you’ve selected, you can even opt to have access to unlimited data. This is a worry-free option for those who simply can’t live without their favorite streamers or online shows. It’s also great for travelers with a YouTube channel who want to stream amazing content live or upload fresh travel footage to their channel.

At any rate, it’s a great option to have at your disposal – typically, an eSIM provider will offer customizable plans to accommodate the duration of your travels. For instance, if you’ll only be traveling for 2 weeks, you can save money by getting the 14 day plan rather than the whole month plan.

Unlimited data means unlimited freedom, no matter where you go.


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Traditional SIM cards certainly had their spotlight, but now, there’s a more cost-effective, lighter, more practical, and more environmentally-friendly alternative available. As time goes on, an increasing number of manufacturers will start offering eSIM compatible smartphones as part of their product roster.