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Performance marketing efficiency platform Lunio launches next generation of customer engagement and support

Performance marketing efficiency platform,, has taken strides into the next generation of customer service, by launching its innovative new customer engagement hub this April.

The customer service hub, named Launchpad, will give Lunio customers access to live on demand training, direct contact with the Lunio Product and Support Teams, as well as the ability to interact and engage with other Lunio customers and 100’s of performance marketers.

The hub has been developed on the back of market research into how businesses communicate with their customers to ensure a top line service for Lunio customers.

Customers will have immediate access to a best in class training platform, giving them an A-Z walkthrough of how to use the product, as well as access to the company’s extensive back catalogue of training material and whitepapers within the sector.

Customers will have the facility to learn at a time convenient to them and will be able to ask questions, with Lunio providing up to date answers based on current market data. The hub officially launches on Monday 24th April.

The Lunio platform is one of the rapid risers in the performance marketing efficiency space, helping marketers maximise their output from their investments, something that is becoming more important in a challenging economic climate.

One of the company’s mission statements in 2023 is to focus on innovation and efficiency, with optimising the service provided for customers a top priority. This ensures they’re not only performing efficiently but are able to quantify and track their progress easily using a digital profile unique to them and their needs.

This landmark development comes on the back of the consistent expansion of the brand’s ever-growing customer and customer base, now 700 strong, having recently announced new ventures into London, Manchester and the United States.

Through the launch of the customer engagement hub, Lunio is not only maintaining a comprehensive service from start to finish for its clustomers, but is going one step further, to enable them to upskill themselves to become self-sufficient in their own training.

Amy Strutton, Customer Success Manager at Lunio, said: “The expansion and growth we’ve experienced as a company in the last 12 months has been massive and it’s vital for us to adapt quickly to provide the best care and service for our customers.

“Optimising customer service is a big focal point for us as a company, and we’re delighted to be able to launch this new customer service offering, which we’re confident will revolutionise the experience for our clustomers.

“Whether you’re new and looking to get to grips with our services or are looking to fine tune your knowledge and keep up to date on the latest industry developments, this platform will ensure you are getting the best value for money and maximising performance.”

Commenting on the importance of looking after customers, Dan Farley, VP of Customer Success at Lunio, said: “Marketing efficiency is becoming more valuable to businesses by the day in an increasingly digitised world.

“It is therefore more important than ever to ensure our customers are given the tools they need to perform at their best, and developing our customer service hub is a huge step in achieving that.

“Having looked extensively at the market, we’ve been able to develop a service we have no doubt will make a huge difference to our customer base. We want to build a close-knit community under the Lunio brand, where customers feel valued and equipped to learn and grow self-sufficiently”.

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