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XConnect Launches Point of Presence in Brazil to Support Voice and Messaging Providers in LATAM

XConnect, a Somos Company, the provider of world-class numbering intelligence solutions has expanded its global footprint in LATAM with the launch of its point of presence (PoP) in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The PoP enables XConnect to improve its coverage and latency in the region. It will deliver faster responses to an increasing number of traffic queries from Tier 1 carriers, voice, messaging, e-commerce, social media and fintech providers.

The launch into LATAM allows XConnect to deliver its Global Number Range (GNR), Number Portability (NPQ) and Home Location Register (Live Status) responses with the lowest latency, highest quality, and highest precision into the South American market.

“South America is a highly developed and rapidly growing telecoms market and we want to be able to serve our expanding base of customers in the region so that they are able to deliver voice and messaging traffic with precision, performance and trust,” said Tim Ward, VP, Number Information Services at XConnect. “This is just one way we are continuing to grow our global presence and empower more regions to fight against the biggest telecoms challenges including OBR surcharges, robocalling and the artificial inflation of traffic (AIT).”

Over the past year, XConnect has also introduced PoPs in Mumbai and Singapore as part of its global expansion strategy, adding to its local presence in APAC, Europe, the US and LATAM.

“Our new PoP is moving us one step closer to empowering our customers in all corners of the globe. We want them to effectively build trust, gain control over their traffic, and grow their business with confidence and efficiency,” said Ward. “The addition of this PoP allows us to build on our reputation for ultra-fast, accurate query responses and deliver new value for our GNR, Number Portability and HLR solutions.”

The deployment of its latest PoP is part of XConnect’s drive to support its growing customer base in LATAM. It has recently expanded its on-the-ground presence in the region with the hiring of Jose Augusto Vilhena and the onboarding of number portability query (NPQ) data for Uruguay and Columbia.

About XConnect

XConnect, a wholly owned subsidiary of Somos Inc, consolidates, maintains and delivers trusted telephone number intelligence to world leading telecommunication service providers.

It processes information from hundreds of different global datasets and ensures that customers solve routing, validation and fraud challenges in real time.

XConnect’s Number Information Services are used for voice and messaging routing, fraud protection and to identify and validate insights. They also support the deployment and evolution of next-generation communications, such as VoLTE and RCS.
Its service is accessed through its global distributed hybrid cloud platform using simple, secure, scalable real-time protocols and APIs.

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