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Billdup – Meet the British start up creating a fairer credit scoring market for all

Billdup (bold and hyperlink to, the credit building tool for bill sharers, today announces the launch of its waiting list. Billdup rewards those who share household bills by recording their monthly payment contributions with credit rating agencies, helping to build a positive credit file.

With one in three adults in the UK struggling to access credit, Billdup is forging a fairer and more inclusive credit scoring market. Living in shared accommodation remains a popular option for many, but for those looking to build their credit file, shared bill contributions are not taken into account by lenders.

The Billdup process is simple. Customers pay their share of the household bills such as rent, council tax or utility bills via the Billdup app, which is then reported to the credit reference agencies. The app is no different to setting up a standing order and the reporting data can improve how lenders decide eligibility for financial products.

Both the bill payer and bill contributor benefit from Billdup. The bill payer keeps more money in the bank, which improves their affordability due to increased disposable income. The bill contributor benefits by having their payments recorded to the credit rating agencies by Billdup, steadily improving their credit score.

Billdup is offered to customers for an affordable annual subscription fee which is paid in instalments. These payment instalments are also reported to the credit reference agencies, further building up credit activity.

The waiting list for Billdup is open to anyone who contributes to bills and is looking for a debt-free way to improve their credit score, including those with a limited credit history.

Click here (bold and hyperlink to for more information and to join the waiting list.

Rachael Namiiro – Founder, Billdup says: “Up until now, paying your share of household bills through your partner, friend or family member has not been visible to credit rating agencies. Whether you’re contributing towards rent, council tax or utilities bills, Billdup makes it count, demonstrating your affordability and financial behaviour to lenders.