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EasyA’s ‘earn while you learn’ app tackles blockchain talent shortages and aims to find next Zuckerberg

EasyA, a community bringing free blockchain and Web3 courses to mobile, is addressing the global blockchain talent shortage by providing the onramp for the next one billion users into blockchain, while helping fund students and recent graduates’ Web3 ideas.

“There is a significant global shortage of talent in the Web3 space,” said EasyA CEO and co-founder Phil Kwok. “Together with my co-founder and brother, Dom Kwok, we want to find the next Mark Zuckerberg for Web3 and provide the platform, community, and funding opportunities to do exactly that – we have already given away $597,000 in prizes and funding, as well as introducing our community to top VCs including a16z and YC since we launched.”

Over 500,000 students and recent graduates from more than 250 universities across the world, including Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and Cambridge are building Web3 projects supported and funded by the EasyA community. Mintstars, an NFT subscription platform for creators, is a recent example – it just announced a $600,000 funding round having first pitched the idea at an EasyA hackathon event in 2022.

The latest course on the app ‘#60DaysOfPolkadot’ is now available for developers to learn about Polkadot and its parachains and projects. The crash course also includes two in-person hackathon events in London (17th – 18th June) and Boston (24th – 25th June). The aim is to educate 1,000 developers, attract 400 to the hackathons, and give away $20,000 in prize money and funding.

It is not just the Polkadot course that is available on the app – 15 courses from established blockchains have been featured. The Solana crash course, which launched in March 2023, has seen just short of 3,000 developers learning about smart contracts directly on their mobile phones via the app.

Sibling entrepreneurs and founders of EasyA, Phil and Dom Kwok, recently returned to London after hosting the largest-ever blockchain hackathon at Harvard with over 1,000 developers taking part from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and many other U.S. universities. A total of 35 projects were presented with over $40,000 in awards and funding given away.

Start earning and learning today by downloading the EasyA app, available on iOS and Android devices, at: