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MOSL partners with Sagacity on non-household water market Data Cleanse Service

MOSL has announced the third-party provider that will help deliver the Data Cleanse Service to the non-household market.

Sagacity, a data solutions company with vast experience in the utilities sector, previously worked with MOSL to develop a case for change for the service in 2022, which involved undertaking a Data Quality Assessment to fully understand the state of the 2.6 million supply points in the market.

This work identified the service generating circa £8m of annual benefit to the market, through a reduced cost-to-service, and an increase in retailer and wholesaler revenue. You can read more of the findings in the final report here. This work also informed the development of the benefits case, which identified overall customer benefits from the service, such as accurate and timely billing; opportunities for targeted/tailored services; and improved consumption insight which could lead to savings on customer bills.

These findings were an integral part of the consultation process and heavily informed the solution design outlined as part of the Central Data Cleanse Service in our 2023-26 Business Plan.

Sagacity will be responsible for cleansing trading party data through the utilisation of a range of third-party data sets and will create and share files that will enable trading parties to make the recommended changes to their data, to improve quality. The first phase of the project will focus on the review of ineligible premises with “high confidence” (such as residential, demolished, inactive and duplicate premises), and a pilot for premises and address data, before moving onto the full-scale address cleanse.

John Davies, Programme Sponsor and MOSL CIO, says: “We’re thrilled to continue our journey to improve the quality of trading party data with Sagacity. Their experience in the water sector, paired with their work in delivering the Data Quality Assessment last year, made them the ideal candidates for this partnership. We look forward to delivering the first phase of this programme with a team who is as passionate about improving the data in the market as we are.”

Anita Dougall, Sagacity CEO, says: “We are delighted to continue working with MOSL on improving data quality in the market. With so much change across premises and businesses, it is paramount that we implement a proven solution that drives real benefits for MOSL, the trading parties and most importantly the customers. We hold data at the heart of everything we do and are confident that the Data Cleanse Service will be a success, and will provide a sound platform for years to come.”

For more information on the Data Cleanse Service, please visit the MOSL website, or email