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Leading retailers hail marketing automation at Internet Retailing Expo

Leading retailers including Wickes have hailed marketing automation at the Internet Retailing Expo event following a £7m revenue boost using machine learning.

The two-day event, held at the NEC in Birmingham, brought together leading retail brands to discuss the future of marketing and technology in ecommerce through a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions.

As part of the event, Wickes and Deployteq gave a keynote speech on how machine learning model the Mission Motivation Engine from Deployteq and Team ITG drove a £7 million revenue jump over six months through identifying the missions and motivations of consumers, showcasing the value of marketing automation.

Speaking at the event, David Elliott, Senior Digital Marketing & CRM Lead at Wickes, said: “Every aspect of a marketing campaign should tap into what consumers are looking for, support and guiding their customer journeys. Marketing automation through machine learning has been critical for Wickes to understand the motivations behind consumer wants and deliver highly relevant, personalised content across all channels. Working with Deployteq and Team ITG allowed us to shine a light in the darkest corners and best meet our customer’s needs.”

Robin Jung, Business Director at Deployteq, commented: “Technology and innovation should be at the heart of all brand campaigns, informing decisions through data and executing activation strategies to reach target markets with personalised content. Wickes’ alignment with customer motivations is an industry leading example of how retailers can grow with marketing automation. Email remains a vital channel for brands but ensuring consumers receive a smooth, engaging experience across all touch points through technology is essential for the ecommerce space.”

Research from the DMA and Deployteq recently uncovered that email is the preferred channel for consumers for pre and post-purchase communications, including order confirmations, receipts, discounts and new products or services.

The Internet Retailing Expo also featured talks from Avon on customer loyalty, and Co-op on maintaining experience across multiple channels. Visitors also included ASOS, M&S and other leading retailers.