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Almost half of businesses are actively using AI and 80% are excited by it, reveals world’s first AI quiz builder

Artificial Intelligence tools are already making their impact on businesses in the UK, with 47% actively using them and 27% aiming to start soon. In terms of how leaders view AI, 80% are excited, while 20% admit to being afraid. These are the results of a new quiz from AI Quiz Builder, a revolutionary new tool from ScoreApp, the ground-breaking SaaS platform for building quizzes, assessments, and scorecards.

ScoreApp used its AI Quiz Builder to ask owners and marketing professionals at 1700 UK organisations for their views on AI and how they are utilising it in their business processes. As expected, 26% have deployed AI for copywriting and marketing purposes and 18% for business planning and automation, while 13% use it to support customer service, 13% for personalisation, 13% for product development and a further 10% for predictive analytics.

The innovative ScoreApp AI Quiz Builder has been designed to meet demand for quizzes as an effective, lead generating, customer engagement tool, that overcomes survey fatigue amongst consumers. It streamlines the quiz creation process of researching, writing, and editing quizzes by leveraging the power of AI. With just a few simple instructions, businesses can create quizzes tailored to their specific needs, including categories and questions. The AI wizard will provide a selection of categories and questions to choose from, which businesses can edit or use to ask for more suggestions.

“We understand the challenges that businesses face when it comes to creating engaging quizzes, which is why we’ve developed a product that simplifies the process and saves time,” says Steven Oddy, CEO and Co-Founder at ScoreApp. “With the ScoreApp AI Quiz Builder, businesses can create quizzes that are engaging, informative, and fun for their customers, in minutes. What previously took companies days or even weeks to produce, has been transformed overnight thanks to the AI in this tool.”

The ScoreApp AI Quiz Builder also creates a landing page, builds dynamic results, and emails in a matter of seconds, making the process even easier for businesses. The platform’s intuitive interface and easy-to-use features ensure that even those with limited technical knowledge can create high-quality quizzes.

“Businesses have been waiting for a tool like the ScoreApp AI Quiz Builder,” said Daniel Priestley, Co-Founder of ScoreApp. “It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to engage their customers through quizzes and assessments, and we’re excited to see how it will transform the industry.”

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