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Data Centre Nation 2023: Aruba and Euronext discuss the process of infrastructure migration and its sustainable management in the Global Cloud Data Centre

Aruba S.p.A, the main Italian cloud provider and leader in data centre services, web hosting, e-mail, PEC and domain registration, will take part in the Data Center Nation Milan 2023 event with its customer Euronext – the main player of the pan-European financial market – to present how the synergy between the two companies led to the achievement of Euronext’s objectives, with the migration of its main data centre from London to the Global Cloud Data Centre of Aruba in Ponte San Pietro.

On 31 May, inside the Allianz MiCo, there will be several panels on the data centre industry. In the Yellow 2 room at 12.25pm, the panel “Enabling Business through Data Center Infrastructures Management and Sustainability. Best Practises and the Euronext Story” which will be moderated by journalist Nicoletta Boldrini will see the participation of Alessandro Bruschini – Infrastructure Manager of Aruba, Giancarlo Giacomello – Head of Data Center Offering of Aruba Enterprise – Eric Benedetti, Head of Euronext Technology Solutions & CIO of Borsa Italiana and Maurizio Genna – Digital Hub Manager of Bureau Veritas Italia.

The discussion will be dedicated to an in-depth study of data centres: from the initial conception phase, through design and implementation, to complete management from the moment the data centre ‘comes to life’, to daily maintenance, considering organisational and certification peculiarities – such as the ISO 22237 obtained by Aruba, the only provider to have it in Italy – as well as efficiency, security and 24-hour monitoring.

As a demonstration of the choice made by Euronext, we will discuss the project that saw the migration of Euronext’s platform and its clients from London to the Global Cloud Data Centre in Ponte San Pietro take place in just over a year, thus bringing all the data from the stock exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo, Milan and Paris into transit within the Global Cloud Data Centre in full compliance with the planned timeframe and with the guarantee of the highest reliability criteria, according to the highest industry standards. The colocation solutions and services were tailor-made from Euronext’s specific requirements, enabling it to efficiently support the numerous daily securities transactions and flows of EUR 12 billion of trade per day, within a secure and continuously monitored environment. The relocation of the data centre was decided in response to multiple factors, including the desire to locate the group’s main data centre in a country where Euronext has large operations and the possibility of relying on a provider that has and meets certain requirements in terms of infrastructure sustainability.

“We are proud to be able to present, in the context of Data Center Nation, the path undertaken with Euronext, which represents a project that is not only complex and challenging, but which has also had wide national relevance, having provided for the migration of this very important platform from a data centre in London to the Global Cloud Data Centre in Italy.” – commented Giancarlo Giacomello, Head of Data Center Offering, Aruba Enterprise – “This demonstrates how Aruba’s increasing investments on proprietary infrastructures and the commitment to green-by-design and according to the highest security standards, allows our data centres to be an excellence in the sector in Italy and Europe. A commitment further strengthened by Aruba’s adhesion to the Pact for the climate neutrality of Data Centres”.

“Thanks to the migration to Aruba’s Global Cloud Data Center, Euronext now operates state-of-the-art colocation and connectivity offerings, available to members and non-members alike.” – commented Eric Benedetti, Head of Euronext Technology Solutions & CIO of Borsa Italiana – “Aruba’s Data Center meets the highest quality standards, guarantees the highest level of security and resilience and is powered by 100% renewable energy, allowing Euronext and all market participants to minimise their environmental impact.”

In addition, the setting of the event will give space to the panel “The Data Centre has been built. And now, what?”: this will be the moment in which Fabrizio Garrone – Enterprise Solution Director of Aruba, together with other operators in the sector, will delve into how the steps following the construction of a data centre are also fundamental, starting from the processes and tools needed to manage them and keep them efficient, and then addressing issues such as resource management – which is crucial since it is expected, at a global level, that the staff needed to manage data centres will grow to almost 2.3 million by 2025 – and ending with the challenges and opportunities of an industry in continuous evolution and ferment. “As Aruba, the consolidated experience in the construction of large Data Centres and the innovative approach that we adopt from the earliest design phases,” commented Fabrizio Garrone, “allows us to have maximum efficiency and innovation also in the subsequent phases, such as the management and monitoring”.