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A game-changing new verification app will transform compliance in transport and logistics

Trustd is a worldwide first for the transport and logistics industry: a business ID and credentials app which enables every single organisation in the supply chain to manage risk and achieve 100% security on every transaction.

Founded by Lyall Cresswell – freight tech pioneer and CEO of the Transport Exchange Group – Trustd functions as a single source of truth for verification and risk management.

This revolutionary tech enables 3PLs, carriers and drivers to minimise risk and maximise compliance, from onboarding right through the lifetime of that relationship, and even at the individual transaction level, where required. How? By empowering each party to identify who’s carrying their freight, visiting their site, or driving their vehicle. Ultimately, confirming who they’re working with at each step, and providing electronic ID verification for every organisation involved.

The app forms an efficient central hub, where business profiles are stored and shared between organisations. Crucially, Trustd’s automation tech notifies these organisations of any status changes, so they don’t just start compliant – but stay compliant.

Drawing from experience in financial services, Trustd brings the latest in Know Your Customer and Know Your Business tech to transport and logistics. Having secure, streamlined access to this data, and ongoing monitoring of credentials, will be completely transformative for risk management in the sector.

Lyall Cresswell, Trustd CEO and founder comments: “We’re offering a much-needed, innovative business ID solution to a fragmented market. Notably, that market is operating within a layered platform economy where trust frequently breaks down, and the sheer number of organisations operating make it inherently complex. Unfortunately, this situation creates conditions where threats to the supply chain – like fraud and cargo theft – can thrive.

“Our mission is to harness advanced electronic ID verification technology to provide users with confidence and certainty in all aspects of their business.”

As it stands, Trustd is the only comprehensive, specialist ID and credentials solution on the market. It’s already a valued partner of the Transport Exchange Group, with nearly 8,500 verified entities registered to date, and there’s even more advanced functionality for the app in the pipeline.

The Trustd web app is available to use now, and the supporting mobile app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices very soon.