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Businesses are struggling to unlock the full value of digital investments, leading SS&C Blue Prism to release new IA innovations designed to help

Businesses are struggling to unlock the full value of digital investments, leading SS&C Blue Prism to release new IA innovations designed to help

According to a McKinsey survey, most organizations achieve less than 33% of the anticipated impact of their digital investments. SS&C’s latest updates and upcoming innovations will help organizations break past their automation plateaus.

Digitalization has become a strategic imperative, yet even top economic performers only reach a median of 50% of the revenue benefits their digital investments could achieve. New innovations and product updates from SS&C Blue Prism will directly address these challenges, enabling organizations to enhance the value they achieve from intelligent automation investments and better utilize data to drive outcomes and process efficiencies.

The intelligent automation provider has announced a suite of product updates to its existing platform that will support customers to use more advanced technologies in combination with one another, helping extract maximum value from their digital investments. The updates to the existing portfolio will include:

• Chorus – enhanced operational analytics within this process orchestration tool provide robust visualizations, new dashboard-authoring capabilities, a more intuitive interface and key security improvements, all helping provide operation leaders with real-time, actionable insight into what’s going on inside their operations.
• Process Intelligence – enhanced analysis, prediction and simulation capabilities, a refreshed, intuitive user interface and new integrations with Chorus. The enhancements enable organizations to improve the management of enterprise-wide automation efforts.
• UX Builder – the new form designer enables business users to create end-to-end digital experiences by building enterprise web applications, bringing together data from multiple systems and seamlessly integrating digital workers and BPM services.
• Desktop — provides a holistic environment to manage attended and unattended digital workers, simplifying the management of a unified workforce underpinned by central auditing, control, and governance.
• Robotic Operating Model™ 2 (ROM™ 2) – the updated version of SS&C Blue Prism’s industry-leading methodology now focuses on all intelligent automation capabilities and includes a 5-stage journey to provide organizations the best guidance for their current business needs.

In addition to announcing its latest updates, SS&C recently articulated its vision and roadmap during its Product Launch Event on May 18. This included the reveal of its upcoming SS&C Blue Prism Next Gen Platform (“Next Gen”) and SS&C Everywhere products.

Next Gen will be a cloud-native offering with a breadth of capabilities, flexible commercial models and a choice of deployment options, all made available through a variety of go-to-market channels. The new cloud-native architecture will reduce the cost of maintaining the intelligent automation environment with instant access to the latest capabilities and a quicker route to business value.

SS&C Everywhere will address challenges around assessing and managing customers’ growing data sets securely and in compliance with the latest regulations and best practices. This Data Mesh technology will provide self-service access to customer data, on-demand data services, new insights and business algorithms through greater analytics capabilities in a secure SOC2-compliant environment. With on-demand access to data, customers can run leaner, improve margins and avoid compliance challenges when launching new services or reporting.

“About 60% of companies are expected to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud by 2025 and over half report adopting AI into at least one function of their business. These developments demand cloud-based and data-enabling solutions. Our next generation platform, new data solution, and updated portfolio are delivering on these needs and allowing customers to better address their unique organizational needs, with a breadth of solutions and deployment options,” comments Colin Redbond, managing director, product, SS&C Blue Prism.

General availability for Next Gen and SS&C Everywhere is slated for Q4 this year. To learn more about SS&C Blue Prism’s current offering, speak to an expert.