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Rows pulls ahead of Microsoft and Google with launch of new spreadsheet AI analyst feature

Today, Rows ( – the next-generation spreadsheet for businesses backed by Lakestar, Accel and Cherry Ventures – launches Rows AI Analyst, its latest feature. The new tool will transform how spreadsheets are used, by automatically generating insights through transforming and analysing data. In a first of its kind, it will blend interpretation, analysis and reporting.

The AI Analyst summarises the main takeaways from any dataset, runs in-depth analysis, and answers any questions you might have about your data. It allows everyone to work faster by giving them a virtual data analyst while increasing accessibility for those without sophisticated coding and spreadsheet skills. For instance, this will help users understand what products are underselling, build reports on product usage and even summarise the winners and losers in the stock market.

This new product prioritises privacy, as unlike most AI assistants, no information beyond metadata leaves Rows, meaning any sensitive information is protected. This is also a first in the world of spreadsheets, as other offerings are either not yet live or require third party integrations or prompts from users.

Key features of Rows’ AI Analyst include:

1. The ability to summarise the main takeaways from any dataset
○ It analyses key patterns and trends within the data to give users an overview of 3-5 sentences
○ It discovers relevant questions about that dataset and answers them independently, rather than relying on a prompt
○ For example, it can show answers to questions like, “What are the monthly sales by product category?”, without the user having to come up with the question in the first place
2. Running in-depth analysis – transforming reporting
○ Automatically extracts trends, generates pivots, and identifies patterns
○ These can be added as tables to a spreadsheet; users can then add charts or embed results elsewhere
3. Answering any questions someone might have about their data (e.g., “Which of our campaigns had the most clicks?”)
○ The AI Analyst can generate a table/cell with answers, following the workflow

Rows co-founder and CEO, Humberto Ayres Pereira, said: “Analysing data is a huge part of working with spreadsheets, but this takes too much time and effort and is rarely engaging for people. Instead of spending time writing formulas, filtering and sorting data, building pivot tables or even finding someone to help them analyse the data, anyone can now spend more time thinking about their approach to a problem with their end goal in mind.

The problem is that many people aren’t necessarily fully equipped with data analysis skills and miss out on crucial information and trends as a result. Of the over one billion spreadsheet users worldwide, a large proportion struggle with many intermediate to advanced functions familiar with data analysts. I see automating these processes and generating these insights automatically as the natural next step in the future of spreadsheets.”

Anyone can create an account and start using Rows for free.