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Ampersand Health Expands into Dermatology & Partners with Barts Health

Ampersand Health, a leader in predictive monitoring and personalised behavioural therapeutics for long-term inflammatory conditions, announces the launch of the My Derm app to support people living with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

The My Derm app is a personalised, predictive self-management platform that uses behavioural science to enable better care plan management and deliver Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and other psychological techniques in an effective and engaging way. The platform also enables clinical teams to monitor patients’ mental and physical wellbeing remotely, helping them to identify patients who are unwell or at risk of relapse so they can be escalated for attention and treatment more quickly.

In earlier service evaluations in gastroenterology, use of the Ampersand platform and associated models of care have been shown to lead to improved mental health outcomes and quality of life, alongside a 33% reduction in episodes of planned care and an 89% reduction in unplanned care, leading to significant savings and capacity generation at stretched Trusts.

Barts Health is implementing the My Derm app as part of a broader transformation programme that seeks to improve outcomes for patients while reducing outpatient waiting times in line with the NHS’s Elective Recovery Plan. The Barts Health dermatology service is one of the largest in the UK treating patients from London and Essex.

Zeeshaan-Ul Hasan, consultant dermatologist at Bart’s Health said: “Inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis affect up to a quarter of the population. These disorders have a direct impact on physical health but also on psychological wellbeing and daily lives. Through the app, our patients will be empowered to manage their condition at home and benefit from being able to contact their dedicated clinical team directly.”

Nader Alaghband, CEO and co-founder at Ampersand said: “We’re proud to be launching our dermatology intervention with Barts Health. The clinicians’ and nurses’ expertise has been instrumental in the development of our interventions in gastroenterology, haematology and now dermatology and we are deeply grateful to everyone who have played a part in that work. With a diverse population and a large catchment area, Bart’s presents a great opportunity to demonstrate that predictive, patient-centred care works at scale and we’re looking forward to publishing our outcomes in due course.”

For more information about My Derm, visit the Ampersand Health website at