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Get-Found: Embracing Gen Zs Inherent Digital Marketing Talents is Key to More Effective Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketers and agency owners find themselves in a unique position nowadays. In the early phase of social media and digital marketing, you had to undergo an extensive education and training to enter the professional world. However, the available options were rather limited.

Today, a new generation of marketers has emerged, comprising individuals who grew up during an era of complete digitalization. These individuals have a complete understanding of the inner workings of digital marketing and social media.

Many marketers face challenges in discovering the tone of voice to effectively connect with Gen Z as their target audience for products and services (as evident from the number of articles on how to successfully engage Gen Z). However, Get-Found has adopted a distinctive approach to this emerging consumer generation – all thanks to its corporate culture.

The Birmingham-based agency welcomes young professionals to its team and fully embraces Gen Zs inherent talents to grasp the latest trends and understand how the digital world works – all to the greater benefit of their clients.

“Get-Found has worked with students and young professionals from the beginning, developing our own trainee program to help them enter the professional digital marketing world. Over time we realised that, as digital marketers, we had much more to learn from Generation Z than we thought. Their ability to grasp the very nature of the digital world makes them absolutely crucial to any marketing team. They live and breathe the latest trends, and their knowledge and fresh perspective often bring unexpected and highly effective solutions to established marketing strategies. We provide them with guidance and essential digital marketing knowledge, and we celebrate their way of thinking and creativity without imposing old rules on them. It’s 2023 and it’s time to write a new digital marketing playbook,” – shares Jason Jackson, Co-Founder and Director at Get-Found.

Jackson leads Get-Found’s training program and works closely with the team members to meet their personal and professional development goals. Get-Found regularly holds internal educational sessions to ensure knowledge exchange. In addition, the agency collaborates with other companies and institutions, providing external training sessions for adults who dream of becoming digital marketers and are looking to change their careers.

Jackson continues: “At Get-Found, we understand that, ultimately, marketing is about people. Even the most technical and numbers-based campaigns mean nothing if they don’t speak directly to the consumer. Most of our team is actually comprised of Gen Zs, which immensely helps to understand this demographic when working on strategies. We cherish each input, and our youngest team members often have the most surprising and innovative ideas that make us look at the whole campaign from a different angle.”

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