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Honeywell Gent celebrates 150 years of continually improving electrical equipment and fire safety systems

Originally founded in Leicester, UK, in 1872 as a manufacturer of first-generation electric clocks, the Honeywell company commemorates its successful evolution into a fire detection and alarm systems leader

Honeywell Gent recently marked its 150th year, an anniversary that showcases the company’s legacy and highlights its bright future as an innovator in electrical equipment and fire alarm systems.

John Thomas Gent started the company in Leicester in 1872. Known as one of the first producers of electric clocks, which it manufactured for more than a century, Gent shifted its focus in the late 20th century to become a major provider of fire and life safety systems to the United Kingdom.

“From our beginnings in electrical equipment to our current specialisation in fire systems, Honeywell Gent has been a driving force in creating innovative and life-changing technologies,” said Martyn Keenan UK and Ireland Sales Leader, Honeywell Gent. “Our team approaches fire safety in the same innovative and passionate way our founder took on the challenge of developing some of the world’s first electrically powered devices. Our desire to make buildings safer and move the fire systems industry forward is part of our DNA.”

Gent has evolved its commercial model into a more distributed approach known as the Gent 24 Integrators Network, which trains expert fire safety companies to design, install, commission and maintain Gent systems to the highest standards. When Honeywell acquired Gent in 2005, it supported the company’s investment in new product development, bringing the innovative S-Quad detector to market with its dual-angle detection and voice capability, which has helped grow the business and increase Gent’s market share.

With the launch of Gent’s ‘Get Fired Up’ Apprenticeship Scheme, Honeywell has sought to address the UK’s ongoing skilled trades shortage. The educational program provides a structured career path that supports tomorrow’s fire safety engineers as they attempt to gain a foothold in the industry.

“As Honeywell Gent celebrates this 150th anniversary, we want to express deep appreciation of our partners and others who have helped the company bring critical fire detection and alarm systems to commercial buildings across the UK ,” said Dan Ascough, Offering Manager, Honeywell Gent. “With our rich heritage of expertise and Honeywell’s commitment to continuous innovation, we are strategically positioned to meet the evolving needs of the market and continue delivering state-of-the-art life safety solutions for years to come.”