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Double Deals Expand PropTech Parcel SafePlace PBSA Presence

Parcel SafePlace, a leading PropTech parcel logistics service that provides technology for secure and convenient deliveries for residents while enhancing operational efficiency for property managers, has announced the signing of two prominent Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) operators Collegiate UK and Fresh Student.

The deals will provide digital parcel amenities, implementing technology across 82 PBSA buildings and servicing an additional 28,500 beds in the UK.

Students during term time have some of the highest delivery volumes, from Sep-Nov 2023 PBSA properties received on average 4 times more parcels per unit than BTR buildings, for a 300 unit building that equates to 2,700 more deliveries to manage during this time period. The partnerships will provide the technological infrastructure needed for these operators to effectively manage parcel volumes. By digitising the delivery path, a range of PropTech solutions which are modified for each building, streamline deliveries providing added security and 24/7 access for students.

Dustin Fjeld, CEO and Founder of Parcel SafePlace, commented: “As investment into PBSA continues to grow, it’s clear from the consumer demand, that parcel rooms are an essential amenity. We are thrilled to partner with Collegiate UK and Fresh Student to implement our PropTech services and expand our presence in the PBSA sector. Being appointed across these sites, highlights a significant milestone for Parcel SafePlace as we continue to revolutionise digital parcel management solutions for students nationwide.”

Neil Burton, Managing Director of Collegiate UK, said: “Our partnership with Parcel SafePlace fulfils the increasing demand for technologically advanced buildings that provide our students with best-in-class service. We recognise the importance of staying ahead of the curve by providing our residents with cutting-edge amenities and services that can continue to meet their evolving needs. With Parcel SafePlace we are confident we will enhance our building efficiencies and allocate resources more effectively to save our staff and students valuable time, so we remain at the forefront of modern student accommodation.”

Currently operational across 30% of the UK’s BTR units, with the addition of Collegiate, and Fresh Student to its roster of partners, Parcel SafePlace is also poised to solidify a position as a leader in parcel management solutions for the PBSA sector.