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The Calmer launched to support stressed-out and stretched-thin B2B marketers

With two-thirds of B2B marketers saying they are facing burnout because of stress, Sharper B2B, the company bringing Fresh Ideas & Firepower™️ that deliver marketing ROI for B2B brands, has launched The Calmer as an escape for marketers to relax and find new inspiration.

The ‘oasis of digital relaxation’ features a range of exercises specially created for B2B marketers including a three-minute guided marketing meditation, tailored playlists, and ‘ASMR-keting’ content to reduce stress levels, or to stop stress before it arrives. To shake off work tension, The Calmer’s Yoga for B2B Marketers includes positions such as The Strategic Savasana, The Data Downward Dog, and The Content Marketing Warrior.

All resources are free and marketers don’t need to input any contact information to gain access. As part of the initiative, Sharper B2B will also be giving away prizes, including free lego bonsai trees.

“B2B marketers are busier than ever, and need time to relax and find some headspace,” commented Russ Powell, Founder and MD of Sharper B2B. “This is exactly what The Calmer is aiming to achieve. The five specially crafted relaxation exercises for stressed out marketers can help to lower heart rates, collect thoughts, and empower them to get back to work refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

“Making their B2B marketing more creative, valued and commercially successful should be the priority for B2B marketers, as it is for us at Sharper, but if marketers are stressed-out and stretched-thin, then this simply isn’t possible. The Calmer aims to fix that.”