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Colt DCS Launches New ESG Strategy Report

Colt Data Centre Services (DCS), a global provider of hyperscale and large enterprise data centre solutions, has today published its latest Sustainability Highlight report covering the period of January 1st to December 31st, 2022. Launched as Colt DCS’ highlights report, the report focuses on the three strategic areas of decarbonising the business, connecting people, and safeguarding the company’s operations. Colt DCS has achieved a remarkable 52% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 (market-based) emissions and a 28% reduction in Scope 3 emissions (compared to 2019). These significant reductions highlight the extend of the company’s sustainable practices as an industry-leading data centre provider.

Some of the other key highlights from the Sustainability report include:
• A 30% reduction in emissions across all Scopes compared to 2019
• Achieved an impressive global Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72
• Procured 100% renewable energy in all European data centre sites

Colt DCS has been working diligently to achieve its ambitious sustainability targets, as part of its ongoing commitment to minimise environmental impact, promoting social responsibility and driving positive change within the global data centre industry. Sustainability is deeply ingrained within the company, with all stakeholders working tirelessly towards the business’ shared ESG goals. Colt DCS’ commitment to continuous improvement remains unwavering as they strive to advance and evolve their ESG strategy in the coming years.

The 2022 Sustainability Highlights report showcases the company’s significant achievements in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for 2022. It highlights Colt DCS’ commitment to reaching Net Zero by 2045. EcoVadis partnership and a top 1% sustainability rating, Colt DCS continues to set data centre industry standards in its ESG practices. The 2022 Sustainability Highlights report was prepared in conjunction with the Colt Group, which comprises Colt Data Centre Services and Colt Technology Services.

Decarbonisation has been a primary focus for Colt DCS, and one of the key pillars in our ESG strategy. Its sustainability targets have been approved by the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi) in alignment with the latest Net Zero Standard. Colt DCS has successfully reduced its carbon footprint by 30% compared to the 2019 baseline, amounting to an estimated 186,487 tonnes of CO2e (Carbon dioxide equivalent). This reduction has been aided by the use of 100% renewable energy across its UK and European data centres, all of which are 100% carrier-neutral sites, engaging suppliers more effectively and implementing innovative cooling technologies. Moreover, Colt DCS ensures that its new data centres, such as their ongoing expansion in Paris, adhere to the environmental requirements set down in the Global Reference Design Document.

Colt DCS’ ESG strategy goes beyond environmental sustainability and includes a strong focus on social engagement. The company recognises the importance stakeholder engagement across its value chain, including customers, suppliers, local communities and employees, with the aim of making a lasting positive impact in the regions it operates in. Colt DCS encourages employee engagement and has established partnerships with local charities, forming employee-led CSR teams to identify fundraising initiatives and volunteering opportunities. Local communities serve as contributors of Colt DCS’ workforce, such as local contractors and local service providers who aid in the construction of the company’s data centres.

The company recognises the importance of effective governance in achieving its goals for inclusion. During the pandemic, Colt DCS introduced designated Wellbeing Days, prioritising the mental and physical health of its workforce. The company’s efforts saw 78% engagement with its People Matter survey, with the results highlighting strengths under Diversity & Inclusion, Customer Focus, Empowerment, Sustainable Engagement and Well-being & Stress.

Colt DCS is striving to create an inclusive culture that values diversity of thought and representative of the communities it operates in. In addition to fostering an inclusive working culture made up of diverse representation, the company is committing to implementing equitable business practices that enhance the employee experience. Moving forward, Colt DCS remains dedicated to investing in employee development and strengthening its partnerships with suppliers and customers to foster an inclusive and sustainable future.
In addition to prioritising stakeholder engagement, Colt DCS delivers exceptional client service across its data centre portfolio. In 2022, the company achieved an impressive global Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72 across all customers in Europe and Asia, which is a testament to its goal of becoming the most trusted and customer-centric operator in the industry.

Niclas Sanfridsson, CEO at Colt Data Centre Services, said: “We have made impressive strides towards achieving our sustainability goals and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our employees, customers and shareholders for their unwavering support.” Sanfridsson added that: “Colt DCS has demonstrated remarkable dedication in delivering its sustainable hyperscale strategy while upholding its vision of being the most trusted and customer-centric data centre operator.”

About Colt DCS
Colt DCS provides true service and operational excellence in the sustainable design, build, delivery and operational management of hyperscale data centres across Europe and APAC. We provide data centre solutions to hyperscale and large enterprise customers across 16 state-of-the –art-carrier neutral data centres spanning 8 cities.

Our hyperscale and colocation solutions allow our customers freedom to plan effectively for the growth of their business, knowing that their data centre strategy is ready for the demands of tomorrow.

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, delivering on our vision of being the most trusted and customer centric data center operator in the market. We put environmental awareness at the heart of everything we do because we know it’s the right thing to do for our planet. That’s why we’re taking the ownership to reduce our environmental impact globally and make sustainability a key strategic driver
As part of our sustainability journey, Colt DCS has set comprehensive near- and long- term Science Based Targets to cut our emissions in line with the SBTi’s latest Net Zero Standard

About the Colt Group Sustainability Report 2022

The Colt Sustainability Report covers the period 1 January to 31 December 2022, unless otherwise stated. The report includes sustainability performance data across the ESG material issues identified and prioritised as part of the materiality assessment conducted in 2021. The report covers all entities under Colt Group Holdings Limited (“Colt Group”). Colt Group developed this report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. To locate the disclosures, a separate annex of the Report with the GRI index is available to download. The British Standards Institution, BSI Group, has provided assurance on selected key performance indicators. More information can be found in the annex 9.3. External Assurance statement by BSI. For more information about Colt Data Centre Services (DCS), please consult our 2022 Sustainability Highlights Report.