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de Novo Solutions launches new industry cloud innovation for the secondary education sector to help Multi-Academy Trusts digitalise their back office functions

Pioneering tech company, de Novo Solutions, has unveiled the launch of a new and innovative cloud solution – Odyssea™ for Multi Academy Trusts developed specifically to streamline and centralise complex administrative tasks of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), thereby facilitating long term cost savings by delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness across critical business operations.

Headquartered in Langstone, South Wales, de Novo Solutions is a specialist SME digital technology consultancy which has honed a niche in the experience economy by ‘re-imagining the world of work’ through the delivery of data driven personalised experiences over standardised business processes.

Drawing upon their extensive expertise in the public and education sectors, de Novo Solutions’ senior leadership team understands the pressing challenges posed by outdated and costly legacy systems. The forward-thinking tech company has responded with the development of Odyssea™, an innovative cloud-based solution built upon cutting-edge Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow technologies to deliver a pre-defined, platform of experiences supported by leading business -processes that meet the demands of Multi-Academy Trusts business operations.

The cloud-based solution has been designed to reflect the operations of a Multi-Academy Trust providing the flexibility to operate all their finance, planning and budgeting, HR and payroll administrative operations into a single platform, making it easier to track and manage resources, plan for the future and meet changing regulations. Furthermore, Multi-Academy Trusts will enjoy user-friendly dashboards, automated reports and comprehensive forecasting tools as part of this solution. This will provide unprecedented visibility into operations and enable better informed decision-making, saving time and enabling more effective collaboration between members of the trust.

Mark Sweeny, Founder and Chief Executive of de Novo Solutions, said, “The launch of Odyssea™ for MATs marks a significant milestone in our commitment to making it easier for trusts to manage their data across all academies in a secure and reliable manner. By solving core and recurring challenges and bringing about positive change in people service and finance transformation, not only will growing education providers, like Multi-Academy Trusts, benefit from improved operational transparency, control, and growth – they will also be able to dedicate more time and resource to delivering better educational outcomes for all. We’re already working with several MATs and are excited to further support many more clients across the industry, as they innovate and scale their business transformation efforts.”