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Fasthosts sees surge in record-breaking sign-ups for email forwarding

Fasthosts has seen a massive surge in sign-ups for its catch all email forwarding service. In the past two weeks alone, they’ve reported a record-breaking 34% increase.

Fasthosts attributes this sudden spike down to some competitors, such as 123reg, recently removing free catch-all email forwarding from their domain registration offering.

Reflecting on the reasons behind this skyrocketing demand, Rob Jackson, Email Product Manager at Fasthosts, believes that many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are considering their options before transferring their domains, which has led to a significant rise in SEO and web searches for email forwarding solutions.

Talking about why email forwarding is such a big deal for businesses at present, Rob explains: “Email forwarding is vitally important in today’s fiercely competitive business world. It’s crucial not to let any important emails slip through the crack, but a simple typo could be the difference between a new lead and a lost opportunity. With our catch-all email forwarding product, any emails sent to a domain are automatically forwarded to a designated mailbox. It’s a clever solution that ensures no important communication gets lost, even if someone mistakenly enters an incorrect or non-existent name before the domain.

He adds: “Anecdotally our customers regularly tell us how useful catch-all email forwarding is. For example, some have attended trade shows and forgotten to note down email addresses correctly. Some have even met new contacts while out and about and then completely blanked on their names. It happens more often than you’d expect. That’s where catch-all email forwarding comes to the rescue. It’s like a reliable safety net, covering various scenarios where valuable business leads, new contacts, or vital information could otherwise slip away.

“Customers who have already made us the new home for their domain names have praised the smooth and hassle-free transfers, our money-saving offers, and not least the fact that we offer free web and email forwarding with all our domain registrations – meaning there aren’t any extra costs to worry about.”

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