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Semrush partners with Storyblok to improve content performance

Storyblok, the content management system (CMS) category leader, partnered with Semrush, the leading online visibility management SaaS platform, to enable enterprises to tailor their content by topic and market and create effective marketing campaigns.

Storyblok’s technology partnership with Semrush offers a beneficial, straightforward, and user-friendly SEO solution directly embedded in Storyblok. It’s a custom application that helps you search for the most popular keywords, taking into account the location where the marketing campaign will be carried out. The partnership between Storyblok and Semrush is designed to help marketers save time by taking control of SEO in marketing campaigns during the content creation process.

“Through our technology partnership, we have developed a solution to help Storyblok users better optimize content with Semrush’s global keyword database. We are excited to partner with Storyblok and provide its users with even greater value by enabling them to tailor their content by topic and market to improve overall content performance,” said James Rineer, Partnership Development Manager at Semrush.

“Partnering with Semrush allows us to co-innovate and deliver better digital outcomes. With this integration, Storyblok’s customers can access Semrush’s powerful SEO and content marketing tools, which help businesses plan and execute effective digital marketing strategies. The Storyblok and Semrush integration is a valuable, easy-to-activate solution for marketers who want to take complete control of their marketing campaigns and optimize their online presence to drive more website traffic,” said Barry D’Arcy, VP of Partners at Storyblok.

Semrush is part of Storyblok’s Technology Ecosystem, which includes many innovative solutions from partners such as BigCommerce, Netlify, and Cloudinary. Storyblok provides integrations to allow businesses to build successful digital experiences across channels on top of best-of-breed, composable technology. Storyblok’s customers have built over 150,000 projects in the last few years.