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Press Release: Mia-FinTech and Futurae partner to offer robust multi-factor authentication and transaction confirmation

Innovative FinTech startup, Mia-FinTech, has partnered with leading passwordless authentication platform, Futurae, to give their customers access to advanced authentication and authorisation services for digital identity management.

Login errors account for over 50% of helpdesk tickets in the banking and financial services sector. Futurae addresses these challenges by offering a range of authentication options that comply with regulatory standards, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing user friction and operational costs.

By partnering with Futurae, Mia-FinTech aims to streamline how companies authenticate transactions and safeguard sensitive data. By combining their expertise and technology, Mia-FinTech and Futurae ensure customers benefit from the highest level of security and trust in their digital transactions.

Bruno Natoli, CEO at Mia-FinTech, said: “Partnering with Futurae will enable our customers to access their robust multi-factor authentication and transaction confirmation capabilities. Moving forward, Mia-FinTech can provide unparalleled protection against unauthorised access and fraudulent activities and empower our clients to confidently authenticate their transactions, mitigate risk and strengthen their overall digital identity security posture.”

The partnership follows the launch of Mia-FinTech’s Identification Manager, an end-to-end solution that allows users to create, manage and customise the identification process. The application simplifies integrating a digital identification system into existing digital infrastructures. It offers an improved customer experience and seamlessly shares data, increasing onboarding conversion rates and reducing operating costs.

Sandra Tobler, CEO at Futurae, said: “Cybersecurity threats are rapidly evolving. At Futurae, we understand the critical need for robust authentication solutions to protect businesses and their customers. Through our partnership with Mia-FinTech, we’re excited to bring our passwordless authentication platform to the fintech ecosystem, enabling companies to establish secure and trustworthy relationships with their users. Together, we’ll ensure customers can engage in digital transactions with utmost confidence and peace of mind.”

Futurae is an authentication platform for businesses of all sizes, protecting customers’ data, reducing risk and fraud, and providing an exceptional user experience, empowering companies to build trust and provide a friction-free login experience.

Futurae’s Digital Identity Authentication Platform is available now via the Mia-FinTech Partner Ecosystem.