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Industry leaders celebrate data’s role in business growth at the Advanced Email Conference

Industry leaders have championed data as a ‘crucial’ tool for the future of business growth and marketing, headlined by Deployteq’s showcase of a £7 million revenue boost for major retailer Wickes, at the Advanced Email Conference in London.

The Advanced Email Conference featured speeches, panels and keynotes from leading industry members including M&S, the Department for Education and the University of Cambridge, road mapping the future of email marketing amidst rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis.

During the morning session, the collaboration between Wickes and Deployteq showcased the use of MarTech, behavioural science and machine learning to harness the power of customer data to identify customer preferences and values, leading to a 24 per cent increase in conversions.

Recent research highlighted that customer loyalty is an increasingly important factor for retailers, with 52 per cent of Brits consciously cutting back spending due to the cost of living, indicating a need for data-driven customer loyalty programmes, according to the Consumer Engagement Report 2023.

Speaking at the event, Arjan van Hartesveldt, Director of Client Services for Deployteq, said: “We’re seeing a disconnect between consumer spending and brand loyalty as a result of financial pressures, increasing the importance of customer retention for brands. Data is a core driver of successful, personalised marketing campaigns and marketers must leverage data and insights to address customer desires and concerns. By sharing case studies such as Wickes we hope to inspire marketing teams to better utilise data for loyalty and retention strategies.”

David Elliott, Senior Digital Marketing & CRM Lead at Wickes, commented:
“Utilising data and behavioural science to gain a deep understanding of consumer wants and desires is essential for creating an optimal customer journey. Collecting and analysing data has formed a central part of Wickes’ marketing efforts across all touch points, delivering tailored content based on consumer demands with the help of Deployteq and Team ITG. ”

The Advanced Email Conference, which took place at 1 America Square in London, also covered topics including AI’s role in marketing, customer-centric email, and the importance of personalisation.