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UK’s EV charging concern and confusion prompts Pumpt into action

  • Almost half of EV drivers worry about unreliable public charging
  • Half of UK drivers concerned about installing home EV chargers, two-thirds still have range anxiety
  • New EV charging company, Pumpt, launches to make EV transition easier


A new electric vehicle (EV) charging company – Pumpt – is on a mission to combat concern and confusion in the UK charging market. Pumpt launches today to make buying, installing and running an EV charger easier and more affordable, being the first in the industry to offer commercial insurance and aiming to remove many of the barriers that are stopping people from considering an electric vehicle, such as cost and worry over what to buy, how to install and use it.

Ahead of its launch, Pumpt surveyed UK drivers of conventional vehicles and EVs about their worries and experiences of EV charging[i]. Pumpt’s research discovered that half (50%) of UK drivers surveyed worry about getting a charger installed at home and similar numbers of drivers (44%) don’t know how to find or use public chargers. While this might be understandable for those without experience of an EV, the research found that even one in three (35%) EV drivers also worried about getting a charger installed at home. The state of the UK’s charging infrastructure was also highlighted as an issue: almost half (46%) of EV drivers surveyed said they worried about finding faulty or unreliable public charging points, while two-thirds (66%) of conventional vehicle drivers said range anxiety is still an issue.

Despite the Government’s pledge to make 300,000 public charging points available by 2030, the market appears to be suffering from a lack of guidance about what chargers to buy, clear pricing and transparency around installation. Of the EV drivers surveyed, one in five (21%) said that the dealership had not provided any advice or guidance on chargers.

“We want electric vehicles to succeed but there are too many barriers in the way,” said Jordan Fantaay, CEO and founder of Pumpt. “People need to be able to make informed choices but the whole process of choosing, buying and installing chargers is too expensive, drawn out and complex, and people aren’t getting clear advice even when they’re buying a new EV.”

Pumpt offers both residential and commercial chargers, with fixed price installation and customised finance packages, alongside being the first EV charging company in the UK to bundle commercial insurance packages.

Pumpt is also the first EV charging company in the UK to manage the entire lifecycle of EV chargers, from manufacture to purchase, finance options, installation and servicing, which enables it to provide customers with a simple online purchasing experience that guides them through all the details, options and installation requirements.


About Pumpt’s Smart EV chargers

Pumpt’s wall-mounted chargers are smart, fast, and Wi-Fi-enabled, helping users to optimise when they charge their vehicle, such as during off-peak times when costs are lower. For home users, Pumpt provides a single-phase charger; businesses can purchase individual or bulk installations, with options for a 22kWh 3-phase fast charger. All chargers are tethered, meaning the plug and cable are built in, and feature a discrete black and grey chequered pattern in a slim, square design.

Users get the accompanying Pumpt app and access to a charging ecosystem with Pumpt’s partners that enables them to use 300,000+ charge point locations around the UK and Europe.

All chargers have a 3-year warranty, insurance (for commercial customers) and servicing options.


[1] The research was carried out online by Research Without Barriers (RWB). All surveys were conducted between 2nd June 2023 and 6th June 2023. The sample comprised 1,718 UK adults.


About Pumpt

Pumpt is an EV charging company dedicated to helping the UK in its shift to going electric. Our products and services address the concerns of both businesses and consumers alike. By offering an all-in-one EV charging platform, we make going green easy by assisting customers with grants, manufacturing smart EV chargers, package the cost with full installation, are the first in the UK to have flexible financing options, provide insurance, servicing and an app to manage everything online. Aside from all this, we treat businesses as partners by helping them maximise their return of investments through additional finance plans and guidance on how to create new revenue streams from charger installations.

At Pumpt, we are dedicated in our mission to assure that all our customers are taken care of for years to come, not just for now.


About the survey

The research was carried out online by Research Without Barriers (RWB). All surveys were conducted between 2nd June 2023 and 6th June 2023. The sample comprised 1,718 UK adults.