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In a Digital World Saturated by AI talk, Ultima Undertakes a Very Personal Rebrand

Ultima Business Solutions, a leader in cloud, security, digital and managed services with expertise built over 30 years, today reveals a new brand that puts people talent at the core of its market proposition.

The speed of technology transformation can be complex. AI is changing global mindset on the art of the possible and brings with it a huge opportunity for both business and the way we work. Ultima’s deep knowledge of automation and a focus on using its technology talent to the benefit of its customers makes it stand out and the new branding reflects this difference.

For Ultima, it’s not just about what you know but how you make it happen. It’s Ultima’s people that make the difference – a band of warriors, a team of champions, a group of heroes – all focused on ensuring each client has the right IT outcomes for success.

Take Craig, for example. The new brand introduces him as a cloud specialist and a ‘Cloud Warrior’. His deep expertise, extreme attention to detail and specialist Azure skills deliver great results. He perseveres through adversity and prioritises his team’s success. He is also an Evertonian and covert gardener. See how Craig embodies the new brand here.

Scott Dodds, CEO, Ultima, says, “We already have Intelligent Automation powered managed services, so operationally and intellectually, we can support businesses with broader AI implementation, but people are still at the heart of tech implementation. We have industry-certified skills, deep expertise and years of experience that enable us to take customer issues from their shoulders to ours. However, it’s our attitude that makes us stand above the rest. Our new brand reflects going that extra mile to the benefit of our customers. “

Dodds adds, “We’ve also invested money and time into ensuring we have bespoke products and services that fill the gaps between vendor offerings and client needs. We work tirelessly behind the scenes with our customers to ensure the technology they purchase does what it says it will. Our software innovations make that possible alongside the talent and dedication of our people.”

Ultima’s new brand is a bold move in a market saturated with similar tech brands vying for attention. It reflects its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving tech landscape and embodies Ultima’s mission to provide innovative solutions that drive business success while understanding that it’s still people who make things happen.