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Launch of the UK’s first marketplace platform, Markko, delivers a new flexible solution for marketplace founders.

After 2 years in the making, a new marketplace platform, Markko, launches to offer marketplace founders a new and innovative Saas marketplace solution. Markko provides a platform for marketplace founders that is customisable, scalable and a perfect middle option which hasn’t been available until now. With more functionality than off-the-shelf marketplace builders, Markko remains at a reasonable price point whilst keeping great customisable options that larger marketplace solutions offer. This perfectly bridges the gap between the two different services that are currently on the market.

The founders of Markko identified a lack of flexibility as a common issue with the current products on offer to marketplace founders. Many of the existing products on the market were either unscalable, limited and defined by templates, or at the high end of the spectrum with unrealistic price points aimed at big corporate brands.

This led to the creation of Markko. Markko stands out from similar products on the market as it is the only marketplace platform in the UK that provides an all-in-one solution to its clients. Markko has the ability to service every marketplace variation, from product and service-based marketplaces to rental and auction platforms meaning its speed-to-market and scalability options are unmatched. Markko is a multi-currency marketplace platform, removing the complexity of sourcing integrations with payment gateways.

One of Markko’s greatest features is that businesses using the platform will never have to re-platform when using Markko due to the flexible option that lets users add additional functionalities. It also offers many integrations with popular platforms such as Shopify, Google Merchant Centre and Mail Chimp. Markko has also created its own community to support marketplace owners, meaning those using the platform have access to support and guidance whenever they require it.

Luke Wilkins, CRO at Markko comments on the new custom marketplace solution:

“I am immensely proud to mark the launch of our groundbreaking marketplace platform. This innovative solution is set to revolutionise the way businesses and customers interact online, paving the way for seamless transactions and unparalleled user experiences that foster growth and collaboration for all parties.

As we set forth on this exciting new chapter, I am eager to see our marketplace platform transform the way businesses and consumers engage with one another, fuelling mutual success and forging lasting relationships that will cultivate within our vibrant community.”

You can find further information on the launch of Markko as well as the full list of features available or book a demo here –