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Leaseweb Achieves Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (CNDCP) Certification

Leaseweb, a leading cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, today announced that it has secured the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (CNDCP) certification. The certification confirms Leaseweb’s adherence to sustainability standards and its role in supporting the goals of the European Green Deal.

The certification demonstrates that Leaseweb has met rigorous industry standards for energy efficiency, recycling and sustainability in its data centres. This accomplishment sets a new benchmark in the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, emphasising the importance of sustainable digital infrastructure as part of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

“Leaseweb is committed to protecting this world for present and future generations,” said Pieter Dijkhuis, Chief Financial Officer of Leaseweb. “That means taking meaningful action in all areas of our business – and doing it now and continuously. From the cooling systems in our data centres, the recycling of IT equipment, to reducing our energy consumption, we continue to seek out and execute new ways to bring green computing closer to reality. We also focus on offering cloud platforms, which allow our customers to combine workloads and optimise how our equipment is being used in a more energy efficient manner.”

As a global organisation, Leaseweb has set the goal of reaching 90% renewable energy and recycled materials by 2025. Leaseweb carefully curates its community of data centres by selecting only those data centres guaranteeing the best Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) – a metric that helps determine the energy efficiency of a data centre – as well as their commitment to actively reducing their power consumption and procuring green energy from local sources.

Wherever possible, Leaseweb uses green power to minimise the environmental impact. For example, Leaseweb’s Montreal data centres use 100% hydroelectric energy, while its data centres in the Netherlands incorporate adiabatic cooling. This process reduces heat and regulates temperature naturally, by removing heat through water evaporation – simultaneously humidifying and cooling the air.

CNDCP certification is not only a recognition of Leaseweb’s current eco-friendly practices but also its commitment to focus on sustainability for the next five years until the subsequent audit. The Green Deal certificate will be issued individually for the company’s operations in both Germany and the Netherlands.

“This achievement signifies a new milestone for Leaseweb and for our industry. By achieving the CNDCP certification, we are demonstrating that we can drive technological innovation while prioritising sustainability. As a participant in the CNDCP, we are proud to contribute to the European Green Deal’s ambitious goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050,” concluded Dijkhuis.

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