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Introducing ci&t flow: a generative ai platform to unleash hyper-productivity for enterprise

CI&T (NYSE:CINT), a leader in driving AI-powered digital transformation for global brands, today launched CI&T/FLOW, a new enterprise-grade AI platform, designed to transform software and digital development workflows, accelerate productivity, reduce organisational complexity and boost team performance throughout the entire build cycle.

CI&T has been at the forefront of driving digitalization for organisations and is committed to helping clients navigate AI’s transformative technology.

“Artificial Intelligence is the gateway to a new disruption in the corporate world, one we call Hyper Digital. Over the next decade, I believe Hyper Digital will unfold in three acts: Act One is hyper-productivity, paving the way for Act Two, hyper-personalization. And this progression then leads to Act Three: the advent of disruptive new business models, enabled by the exponential reduction in the cost of complex decision-making,” explains Cesar Gon, CEO of CI&T. “Revolutionary advancements often bloom in startups, yet integrating them into large enterprises takes time. These enterprises must balance innovative potential with reliability, security, and privacy. At CI&T, our goal is to expedite this transition by introducing CI&T/FLOW, our AI platform designed for the Hyper Digital era.”

“CI&T/FLOW was created as a groundbreaking collaboration between human professionals and AI-powered agents who are seamlessly integrated into the workflows of designers, business analysts, product managers, developers, testers, and leadership, enhancing team productivity and optimizing their collective efforts,” states Mars Cyrillo, Partner, EVP, CI&T. “A master AI agent creates flow by uncovering bottlenecks, recommending training and providing insights for process improvements. This way the sum of the parts will be bigger than the whole.”

CI&T/FLOW is currently in private beta testing with 12 of CI&T’s largest clients, integrating a suite of a dozen AI-powered agents developed by both in-house and third-party partners. Over the course of the next 12 to 24 months, CI&T plans to scale this platform across all CI&T clients, aiming to have over a hundred AI agents available on the platform.