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CGI Decreases Retailers’ Carbon Footprint and Enhances Online Experiences

Recent research conducted by Nfinite, the leader in next-generation product visualisation technology for brands and retailers, in partnership with Coresight, highlights the significant impact of adopting Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) on reducing retailers’ carbon emissions. The study reveals that CGI can achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional photography methods. This research underscores the potential for CGI to drive sustainability while exceeding customers’ online shopping expectations.

In addition to its positive environmental impact related to photoshoots, CGI offers additional sustainability benefits. Retailers leveraging this cutting-edge technology have experienced reduced product returns, benefiting retailers and customers’ carbon emissions further. Nfinite’s consumer research indicates that 83% of consumers are inclined to return a product if the online image does not accurately represent the item received. By delivering accurate representations, CGI enhances customer satisfaction and reduces the carbon footprint associated with return logistics.

The shift towards sustainable practices has emerged as a critical consideration for consumers. In a recent Nfinite report, 91% of Gen Z said sustainable business practices influence their decision to buy from a brand. Nfinite’s 2023 Shopper Sentiment Report also aligns with this trend, indicating that 47% of consumers are more inclined to purchase furniture from companies committed to sustainable materials, manufacturing, and practices.

Nfinite’s research further emphasises the critical role of product imagery in shaping online purchasing decisions. The survey reveals that 88% of consumers consider product imagery crucial when shopping online. Moreover, 65% of shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase when they can visualise a product from various angles. In comparison, 56% are deterred from buying furniture without proper imagery for their desired colour or finish.

“As we celebrate World Nature Conservation Day, this research solidifies the crucial role of CGI in driving a greener future for the retail industry,” said Nfinite founder and CEO Alexandre de Vigan. “By embracing CGI and sustainable practices, retailers can achieve sustainability goals without compromising the online shopping experience.”

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