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Digital Adoption in Demand as Professionals Offered $100,000+ a Year, WalkMe Research Reveals

WalkMe Ltd. (NASDAQ: WKME), a leading provider of digital adoption solutions, today revealed the results of a survey of Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) Professional roles to mark International DAP Professional Day. As digital adoption matures, demand for Digital Adoption Professionals is increasing, with organizations offering an average salary of $108,780 (USD).

The salaries being advertised ranged from $36,036 all the way up to $278,460. A survey of job postings across the U.S., U.K., and Germany showed a clear preference for IT and/or HR experience, showing how developing digital adoption skills can help push professionals up the career ladder.

The research showed:

• Six-figure salaries: Digital adoption professionals, on average, are being offered 20% more than IT managers (average salary $90,402) and 52% more than HR managers (average salary $71,553) – suggesting that people in these roles who develop digital adoption skills can open up an even more lucrative career. As with any profession, salaries range based on experience.

• IT and financial services offer most opportunities: Across all the job posts WalkMe studied, IT companies (24% of all roles), Financial Services & Banking (21%), and insurance (10%) were the industries most interested in hiring digital adoption professionals.

• USA leads the way: U.S. companies are by far the most prolific advertisers for digital adoption roles, responsible for 74% of all reviewed positions – compared to 18% in the U.K. and 8% in Germany.

“The salaries being advertised show that digital adoption has entered the mainstream – many businesses have digitally transformed in recent years, and now they need to put these tools to work. IT and HR professionals in particular should sit up and take notice of the findings, as they show that specializing in digital adoption could prove a springboard to the next stage of their career,” said Adriel Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer, WalkMe. “Businesses investing in digital adoption will be in line to realize great ROI from their digital investments, attract and retain talent, and drive overall productivity.”

Regional highlights

USA has the highest posted salaries – American businesses were offering the highest salaries ($177,994 on average) to digital adoption professionals – more than three times the average U.S. IT worker salary ($49,625).

Almost a quarter (22%) of U.S. digital adoption related job postings specifically included ‘digital adoption’ in the job title – showing how common the term is becoming, as the category continues to mature across the country. Twenty three percent of these postings came from IT companies, and the same number from financial services (FS) and banking organizations – including established names such as JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. Digital adoption professionals will have the opportunity to make a difference for industry leaders.

U.K. postings suggest growth in the financial services sector – In the U.K. 30% of digital adoption related openings were for opportunities in the IT industry, and one in five job posts were from FS and banking. This included industry leaders Santander and HSBC, who are showing the way forward for the rest of the industry.

Coming into fashion in Germany? Although Germany had the lowest number of current opportunities for digital adoption professionals of the three countries, there were seeds of hope it may come into fashion. Renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton was hiring somebody to drive digital adoption for customers and employees in Germany, while Deloitte was also hiring eight analysts to gather intelligence on human capital and organization transformation across the country – with the analysts specifically tracking WalkMe as part of their beat.

The digital adoption landscape – At present, most job posts are focused on specific digital adoption platforms. “WalkMe” was mentioned by name in 96% of all job posts that mentioned specific digital adoption platforms and 69% of all digital adoption related posts.

“Awareness of digital adoption is growing, and in turn, businesses are looking for the right mix of skills that will give them an advantage,” continued Sanchez. “As the earliest adopters it’s natural that most openings are in IT. But we will see more organizations from FS, retail and other verticals looking for people with the right skills, as businesses in every industry realize they need to unlock the full potential of their technology investments.

“The results also indicate that the majority of businesses looking to drive digital adoption recognize the central role of digital adoption platforms, from onboarding to training and the roll-out of new applications. The right platform will give professionals and their employers complete visibility over the apps being used across the organization, and help drive great experiences in one single pane of glass – ensuring businesses get the most from their investments in digital adoption professionals.”

Calling All Digital Adoption Professionals

Realizer Awards Open – Today on International DAP Professionals’ Day, nominations officially open for the 3rd annual 2023 Realizer Awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievements in the field of digital adoption and are open to all. Nominations will close on August 31, 2023. Finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges and revealed at WalkMe’s annual Realize event, taking place virtually on October 25, 2023. Winners will be determined by crowdsourced voting and will receive recognition via press release, social media, in the WalkMe World community, trophies, and more.

Submit your nomination for a Realizer Award here.

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