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London’s tech company Opinov8 announces acquisition of Dutch Moqod B.V

Opinov8, a global tech company, announces it successfully acquired Moqod, a software development company based in the Netherlands. The acquisition brings together two forward-thinking companies in the tech and software development sector and marks a significant milestone in Opinov8’s growth strategy.

Both companies are all about expanding their portfolio and together becoming the top-notch technology partner for companies in various industries. By combining companies’ expertise, resources, and market presence, Opinov8 and Moqod aim to strengthen their position as market leaders and drive more growth in the tech sector.

Slava Todavchich and Opinov8’s top management have a longstanding history that dates back many years. They previously worked together at a global software development company, where they played a crucial role in the company’s overall commercial strategy, ensuring integration and alignment across all revenue-related functions.

Craig Wilson, co-founder and Co-CEO of Opinov8, and Christian Aaen, co-founder and CTO of the company, couldn’t contain their excitement and optimism about the future prospects:

“We are very excited and pleased that we are once again working with Slava, Moqod offered an opportunity for us to access new markets and gain expertise in areas that made sense, we are looking forward to continuing to provide an excellent level of service to clients, and we welcome the staff and partners of Moqod into the Opinov8 family.”

Slava Todavchich, founder and CEO of Moqod:

“Our decision to move forward with the merger was greatly influenced by the fact that our organizations share a similar corporate culture. This alignment forms a solid foundation for collaboration and guarantees a smooth integration of our teams as well as a seamless transition of our clients. In fact, nothing will change for them at all. Moqod will continue serving our valued clients in the Netherlands and beyond, maintaining our track record as a reputable company”.

Customers and partners of both companies can expect their experience will remain uninterrupted and their collaboration with an IT team will continue smoothly during the integration process, without any disruptions or complications.

This merger means that Opinov8 and Moqod will keep their promise to provide excellent customer experiences, drive innovation, and deliver top-quality products and services.

About Opinov8
Opinov8 is an award-winning industry leader, excelling in custom software development, cloud solutions, customer experience, and data services, boasting a global workforce comprising over 300 accomplished tech experts. With a proven track record, Opinov8 has been instrumental in enabling businesses across diverse industries to realize their digital objectives and maintain a competitive edge successfully. Their specialization lies in crafting bespoke software solutions that precisely cater to the distinct requirements of each client, encompassing web and mobile applications as well as enterprise-level software systems.

About Moqod
With over a decade of expertise in delivering exceptional solutions, Moqod has emerged as a reliable software development partner. Its track record showcases a remarkable ability to support companies and startups in their growth journey by augmenting their internal capabilities. Moqod specializes in providing nearshore development services across various domains, including AI, blockchain, web, mobile, and UX/UI, ensuring optimal outcomes for its clients.

The acquisition of Moqod reflects Opinov8’s dedication to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. By combining forces, Opinov8 and Moqod aim to unlock new opportunities and continue shaping the future of the tech industry.