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SolarWinds Next-Generation Build System wins Best Security Infrastructure in Enterprise Cloud Security by the Cloud Security Awards 2023

As a key component of the SolarWinds Secure by Design initiative, the Next-Generation Build System is recognised as setting “a new standard for excellence in the industry”

SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of simple, powerful, secure observability and IT management software, announces its Next-Generation Build System, a transformational model for secure software development, was named Best Security Infrastructure in Enterprise by the Cloud Security Awards.

As a key component of the SolarWinds Secure by Design initiative, the Next-Generation Build System leverages a unique parallel build process where software is developed in multiple secure, duplicate, and ephemeral environments. Developed in response to the evolving threat landscape where highly sophisticated attackers are now capable of launching new types of unforeseeable attacks against both the government and private sector, the Next-Generation Build System software development process provides an effective and novel defence for thwarting advanced supply chain cyber threats.

“We launched our Secure by Design initiative as a multi-pronged strategic approach focused on people, infrastructure, and software development in order to set a new gold standard for security,” said SolarWinds Chief Information Security Officer and VP, Security, Tim Brown. “The response from our customers and the industry at large has been overwhelmingly positive. Collaboration across the industry is critical to protecting our shared cyberinfrastructure and we’re hopeful this new software development model can support other companies with a roadmap for more secure builds.”

“SolarWinds is a renowned household name in the security sector, and for good reason. Their Next-Generation Build System carries on their legacy of delivering high-quality and innovative products. With SolarWinds, organisations can trust in a solution that not only upholds their reputation but also sets a new standard for excellence in the industry,” said Jason Ford, lead judge of The Cloud Security Awards 2023. “Their commitment to providing cutting-edge technology ensures customers have the tools they need to stay ahead in today’s evolving security landscape.”

SolarWinds has taken a leadership role in calling for increased information sharing across the industry and more robust public-private partnerships to combat increasingly sophisticated nation-state cyber-attacks. In line with this commitment and to support secure software development industry-wide, SolarWinds is sharing portions of its Next-Generation Build model as open-source.