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Free Bug Hunting Programme for NGOs and Nonprofits to Launch in the UK this September

Nonprofit organisation Hack4Values will be expanding its free bug hunting programme for NGOs and nonprofits across Europe this Autumn, including the UK in September.

Created in 2022 with the support of online marketplace ManoMano, vulnerability operations centre Yogosha, and association Communication Without Borders, Hack4Values is an online community comprised of ethical hackers and security researchers who are committed to creating a safer digital world for all NGOs and their beneficiaries.

Digital technology plays a core role in the functioning of nonprofit organisations and NGOs, with donation collection platforms, social networks, and digital campaigns all essential tools to carry out their actions. However, even though many of these companies have embraced the online world, few of them have acquired the digital security they need to fulfil their mission.

Through Hack4Values, NGOs and nonprofits will be provided with a free platform audit performed by the community of ethical hackers and security researchers, to help identify the current security risks they face. The Hack4Values community will also provide solutions to the potential platform breaches and help these companies keep their data secure from future cyber threats.

The platform first launched in France in 2022, created by three major players in cybersecurity, digital and communication wishing to use their expertise for the greater good. These include Fabien Lemarchand, VP of Platform & Security at ManoMano, Bruno-Georges David, President of Communication without Borders, and Yassir Kazar, CEO of Yogosha.

Since launching, over 50 ethical hackers who have volunteered for Hack4Values have provided bug bounty programmes for 10 NGOs including Amnesty International and Action Against Hunger, and in 2022 the platform found more than 250 security vulnerabilities, which the companies were able to since correct.

Following research from a government survey on Cyber Security Breaches which found that 39% of UK businesses reported suffering a cyber-attack in 2022, Hack4Values has announced the expansion of its platform across several different European markets, including the UK. From September, the platform will be able to onboard European nonprofits and NGOs to help strengthen the security of their online platforms.

Fabien Lemarchand, VP of Platform & Security at ManoMano, comments “I first started this service alongside Bruno-Georges and Yassir as I wanted to share my experience and value within the sector with those who needed it most. NGOs have now gone through digital transformation and face the same risks as any organisation, such as data breach, GDPR sanctions and payment fraud, but do not have the funding to defend themselves against these threats. As a result, over 50% have been impacted by a cybersecurity attack.

Through the Hack4Values platform, we are able to provide NGOs and nonprofits with valuable insight into the necessary security requirements for their platform and can help build a safer online world for all.”