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How to Save Money on Your Smartphone: Easy Guide

Currently, millions of people are looking for ways to save money on their smartphones. With the cost-of-living being so high, this makes perfect sense. So, whether you’re #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid, you can use this easy guide to save lots of money on your smartphone.

Mobile phones aren’t as cheap as they used to be.

Here’s what the latest research shows:

  • The average smartphone costs £355
  • The average monthly phone contract is £25.62

Like most things in life, nothing is free — especially those all-important texts, calls, and mobile data!

Naturally, everyone needs a smartphone for both personal and work reasons. However, people don’t want to spend fortunes on their smartphones during these current economic times, as it’s not a financially smart thing to do. The chances are, you feel the same way.

So, what are the best ways to save money on your smartphone? It’s a great question. Thankfully, this guide has the answers for you.

Let’s begin.

Switch to a SIM-Only Deal

Sim-only deals have skyrocketed in popularity over the past year.

In case you didn’t know, a SIM only deal is when you only pay for the SIM card — no smartphone is included. Hence, it’s a lot cheaper.

Generally, SIM only deals work in 2 different ways:

  1. Stick with your current smartphone, wait for your existing contract to finish, and then switch to a SIM-only deal. This way, you can put your brand-new SIM card in your smartphone while only paying a monthly fee for the texts, calls, and data
  2. Buy a refurbished or second-hand smartphone and then start a SIM-only deal (so, again, you’re only monthly outgoing is the cost of the SIM card, as the smartphone has already been paid for)

Whichever option you decide to go with, get started by looking at the SIM-only deals at You can choose from 12-month, 24-month, and even 1-month rolling SIM-only deals. Take some time to find one that works best for you and your budget.

Trade in Your Old Smartphones

Inside your bedroom, you probably have an old box or drawer with a few old smartphones from the past, right? If the answer is yes, then this is great news, as it means you can use them to save money on your next smartphone purchase.

You can trade your old smartphones for money in countless places (both on the internet and in person). For example, Apple stores allow you to trade in old iPhone models and put them towards your upgrade, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

Choose a Data-Only SIM

A popular trend has recently seen millions of smartphone users switch to data-only SIMs.

As the name suggests, these are SIM cards that only include internet data. There are no calls or texts.

Data-only sims have become such a huge trend because people do the vast majority of their messages and calls through data-based apps, such as WhatsApp and Snapchat. So, if you mainly use internet data (and not texts or minutes), this is something to consider.

Use Bill Capping

Finally, set up bill capping with your SIM provider. This way, it’s impossible for you to go over your agreed limits (e.g., 25GB of internet) and get charged money for it. Without bill caps in place, there’s always the risk that this’ll happen, so you should set up your bill caps as soon as possible.