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Unipopcorn Embraces AI to Revolutionize the Advertising Industry

Innovative new startup Unipopcorn is poised to revolutionize the world of advertising and virtual product placement with its innovative AI-powered approach that seamlessly places brands into the story. Developed by two experienced and talented entrepreneurs, the startup is excited to start welcoming investors to take its approach to the next level.

The world as we know it is changing. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to impact every industry in the world, and Unipopcon is the revolutionary new startup leveraging the technology to transform product placement and advertising.

Product placement, the art of inserting products and logos naturally into a movie or TV scene, has always been a vital part of marketing, but in this fast-paced digital world, brands need to ensure they are reaching consumers on the platforms that they are using the most. Unipopcorn is the innovative agency helping them to do just that through virtual product placement, a unique form of marketing that digitally inserts these products into a TV series, movie, or video content in post-production.

Views and interaction with traditional adverts continue to trend downwards at a rapid rate, with recent research finding the average viewing time of video ads was under 15 seconds. Virtual product placement allows brands to insert their products into films and TV shows post-production, ensuring they become a seamless part of the story. Research has revealed that this significantly increases the time-in-view to an average of 42 seconds. Unipopcorn is aiming to take that a step further by allowing brands to also access some of the leading influencers in their field, creating a one-stop platform for content marketing.

By utilizing the latest AI technology, Unipopcorn can add products to any form of video content post-production. Unlike other virtual product placement providers, what sets Unipopcorn apart is that they are not focusing solely on Hollywood blockbusters. Instead, they are putting brands directly in front of their target audience through a network of influencers and creators.
The software is also incredibly quick and intuitive to use. Creators just need to upload their video content to the Unipopcorn platform, which will then place the relevant product within the clip before sending it back to the user. The advanced technology the team incorporates ensures that products can be digitally inserted into any kind of scene, dynamic or static, creating a seamless experience for viewers.

The exciting new startup is the latest venture from experienced entrepreneurs Dzmitry Kamarouski and Ivan Shpuntov. The duo are no stranger to launching successful businesses, with Dzmitry helping to co-found the video creation and editing app Vochi before its acquisition by Pinterest. Joining Dzmitry and Ivan is Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Elena Zapolyanskaya. With vast experience in working with startups and fintech brands, alongside building relationships with key partners, Elena brings a wealth of experience that will help propel the brand forward.

Dzmitry, CEO at Unipopcorn added, “We are really excited to be launching Unipopcorn to the world. Product placement has always been one of the most expensive forms of advertising, but through advanced AI, we are able to offer brands seamless placement in any form of video content at a fraction of the cost.

Our initial pilot projects have been fantastic, and we are eager to start rolling this software out to even more sectors. Of course, this is just the start of the Unipopcorn journey, and we are already working on the next step of launching a marketplace designed to bridge the gap between brands and video creators, allowing them to connect with ease.”

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