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AgrosMilk Launches Sustainability Solution to Simplify and Accelerate How Dairies Optimise their Operations for ESG

The AgrosMilk Sustainability Management software modules enable dairy businesses to capture real-time data, and prioritise and adopt sustainable practices within their operations.

Kilkenny, Ireland – 29 August 2023: AgrosMilk, a ‘Farm to Table’ digital platform provider for the dairy industry, has launched AgrosMilk Sustainability Management software modules to monitor, manage and measure environmental impact for dairy businesses. The software solution includes a sustainability dashboard, energy usage monitoring, an environmental impact calculator, incentive processing and alignment, as well as others.

AgrosMilk Sustainability Management is part of its ‘Farm-to-Table’ digital platform. The multi-lingual, multi-currency platform can be adapted to an organisation’s specific requirements and delivered as single modules or as a full suite of solutions. The platform has been deployed by local dairies through to the largest producers in the world.

“It is only possible to meet sustainability and ESG goals when you have visibility across your organisation. Real-time data collection from across operations enables dairy businesses to understand and analyse the effectiveness of their sustainability initiatives,” said Niall Kiely, Chief Operating Officer at AgrosMilk. “By using AgrosMilk Sustainability Management, dairies can increase efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and trim operational costs. They can set metrics and seamlessly report to stakeholders in a single platform.”

AgrosMilk Sustainability Management allows dairy businesses to demonstrate their commitment to ESG by taking a proactive approach to sustainability. It enables dairies to improve operations and reduce costs. Dairies with established sustainability practices can adapt to fast-moving changes in the industry with new levels of flexibility and agility. They can also save costs by eliminating the need for ad hoc tasks and timely person-dependant processes which can cause unforeseen costs.

“We are committed to enabling the long-term success of dairy business and sustainability is central to that. Our sustainability solution integrates seamlessly with our platform to ensure dairies can benefit no matter where they are on their digital journey. We make it simple to access business intelligence, optimise processes and increase productivity. Dairies that use AgrosMilk benefit from rapid and precise decision-making and remove data silos across their organisations. From farmers to financial forecasting, we help dairies to future-proof their business,” said Kiely.

AgrosMilk manages the entire migration journey and provides full end-to-end service and support when dairies are ready to take the next step on their digital transformation journey. More than 26 billion litres of milk with €13 billion in payments are processed on its platform per year.