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OVHcloud reveals latest web domain name trends: .games sees surge in demand as .love and .fun slump

OVHcloud, the leading European cloud provider, today reveals the latest changes in web domain name trends. According to market data, the .games domain name, dedicated to gaming sites, forums, reviews and both physical and online stores, has seen a 36% increase in demand from across Europe in the last year. However, other domain names have not fared as well, with .love and .fun seeing 57% and 40% drops respectively.

“The gaming industry is one of the most powerful forces for entertainment and creativity in the world, so it’s unsurprising that many businesses and individuals are investing in a domain name that links them to it,” said Kuldip Sangha, Marketing Development Manager, OVHcloud. “We’ve also seen a meteoric 70% year-on-year increase in demand for the new .gay domain name, with particular spikes in the month prior to Pride.”

Some of largest drops in other domain name registrations were .io and .xyz, with .io seeing a 57% drop and .xyz seeing a 68% drop. However, the likes of .cloud and .store saw increases of 30% and 15% respectively, showing that the demand for custom domain names continues to be strong.

“Although more and more commerce is conducted over social channels today, websites are still the main shop window and online store for most brands,” continued Sangha. “It’s no surprise that custom domain names are still popular: brands want a domain name that reflects them and their personality, so having something catchy or just fun can really help improve how memorable you are.”

“Domain name trends are a bit of a zeitgeist,” Sangha concluded. “We’ve seen an 8% drop in demand for the .biz domain name, which is now over twenty years old, and may be seen as a little old-fashioned. That said, we’ve also seen a 10% increase in the .wtf domain name – no-one can argue that life has become more complex and confusing in the last few years, so it’s unsurprising that this domain now has over four million websites attached to it.”