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The tech behind online betting apps – here’s what you may not know

People who are not familiar with the online gambling industry will be surprised to find out that some of the best gambling operators in the world have fans from all over the globe. In addition to their quality services, these sites also stand out because they offer a top-tier mobile betting experience.

People have been using tablets and smartphones for many years to access the online casinos/sportsbooks they like. Even though some companies prefer to have a mobile site that offers a lot of options, others only focus on apps because the latter have more fans. That’s why to enjoy all of the brand’s features from your smartphone, you will have to learn how to download the Betfred app on your Android or iOS device by following the simple step-by-step guide. Some people may not like the apps, but the latter usually have special features that make them more attractive.

When discussing betting apps, most people only consider whether they can download them on their devices. Even though this is very important, a lot of gamblers also want to know more about the tech behind them. Developing a top-tier gambling application from scratch is not easy because people need to consider many things. So, here are some of the steps that you may not be familiar with.


Smartphone compatibility

One of the first issues that gambling companies need to resolve when developing an application is related to smartphone compatibility. Generally speaking, they need to decide whether to allow the app to be available on all kinds of devices or focus on the most powerful smartphones. Naturally, most gambling brands will choose the first option because this will allow them to accumulate more gamblers. After all, not everyone who gambles online has the latest smartphone and tablet on the market.

The bad news is that bookies and casinos who choose the first option often have more work to do because they must ensure that everything will be available on a lower-end phone. This means that they need to optimize all sections and features, as well as the bonuses. Some companies think that this takes too much time and effort, so they simply decide to restrict their mobile users, but this is not a good idea. People will eventually notice that some things are missing and start looking for an alternative platform to provide them with those things.

On the other hand, we have gambling companies that will focus on higher-end devices. While it’s true that not everyone will be able to afford to get those betting apps, the latter will offer much more things. Developers can focus on providing the best possible options, HD-quality games, and special animations unavailable on regular apps. Sadly, most brands do not choose this path because they are limited in the number of people who can use their applications.



One of the issues that some gamblers have to face when deciding which app to get is related ot updates. For some reason, people often forget to check whether the brand they’ve chosen releases new updates frequently. Of course, companies take full advantage of the situation and some of them do not release anything new for months.

Releasing new updates might seem easy, but this is not the case regarding gambling brands. Some of them with a casino category will often provide small updates that add new games, but those only offering sports betting usually have more difficulties.

Some brands do not want to provide updates because their clients are already familiar with the app they’re using, so they’re afraid that people will just stop doing it. Consequently, most sports betting services prefer to keep offering the same things.


Live betting

Another interesting tech innovation that is available to some gamblers is live betting. Thanks to the rapid growth of the iGaming sector, some of the leading names in the UK and many other countries allow people to use smartphones to gamble online on different things that take place in real-time. This includes wagering on sports and playing live casino games.

A lot of people take live betting for granted, but the truth is that implementing this feature is easier said than done. Devs have to spend a lot of time doing it, and the companies themselves often need to spend tons of money to get the TV rights. Due to these reasons, some companies found a shortcut – they integrate a third-party live streaming service on their site so that people can use it while betting.

Even though the top brands will allow clients to access all live betting options on mobile devices, some provide a lot of limitations. Hence, it’s important for each gambler to check what’s the situation with the site they’re using.