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Drata Launches Support for Cyber Essentials Framework

Drata, a continuous security and compliance automation platform, today announced the addition of Cyber Essentials, expanding on the company’s support for over 17 compliance frameworks, standards, and regulations. Drata empowers customers pursuing Cyber Essentials with unmatched automation along with critical guidance for Cyber Essentials Plus, which requires independent verification.

Created and backed by the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Cyber Essentials is a set of technical controls that helps organisations of all sizes and sectors guard against common cyber threats. Cyber Essentials is a requirement for vendors and suppliers handling sensitive and personal information for some government entities in the UK and Ireland. Adhering to Cyber Essentials allows organisations to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security to their customers and stakeholders.

“In the UK and Europe, proving compliance within your security programme isn’t an afterthought, it’s an expectation. By opting to support Cyber Essentials, Drata has provided yet another reason for us to put our trust in their security and compliance automation platform,” said Laurence Dale, CISO and Product Director (M365) at leading cloud cost optimisation SaaS provider Surveil. “With this development, Drata will not only help simplify and expedite the Cyber Essentials journey, but also ensure we continuously remain in compliance.”

Features of Drata’s Cyber Essentials launch include:

· Continuous monitoring of the required controls to maintain compliance over time

· Automated evidence collection to eliminate manual spreadsheets and screenshots

· Out-of-the-box control mapping and editable policy templates to avoid starting Cyber Essentials from scratch

· Streamlined communication with auditors by utilizing Drata’s Audit Hub for real-time conversations, feedback, and progress

“Cyber Essentials is a key addition to supporting our thousands of customers across 50 countries, especially as compliance is an international priority,” said George Bonser, VP, EMEA at Drata. “This launch reinforces our commitment to ensuring all of our customers are equipped with the tools they need to build trust on a global scale.”

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