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Infinum Acquires ExpandTheRoom to Better Support Innovative Global Businesses in an Era of Rapid Tech Change

Leading international digital product design and development consultancy Infinum announced today that it has acquired the New York-based digital creative agency ExpandTheRoom (ETR).

The award-winning tech consultancy is extending its reach in the United States in a strategic move to address the need for digital experts in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Companies are under pressure to quickly embrace new technologies to meet consumer demands and improve cost-efficiency, and the need is only accelerating with the rapid expansion of AI.

“We’re seeing heightened interest in the market regarding user experience, data privacy, and of course new regulations given the disruption from AI. This will only escalate as we grapple with the power and limitations of this technology. Enterprises need teams with the technical expertise and perspective to overcome these challenges. With ETR’s reinforcement, we are future-proofing our clients’ businesses and preparing to take on exciting new challenges. Our goal is to provide our customers with even better service and offer new solutions, enabling them to lead in their respective markets. We’re at the dawn of a new era, and the businesses that are prepared for this will be best positioned to succeed,” says Nikola Kapraljević, CEO at Infinum.

ETR’s expertise in user experience design, testing, and validation, paired with Infinum’s comprehensive strategic and engineering capabilities, will foster continued growth in the U.S. market and globally. The acquisition bolsters Infinum’s ability to offer enterprise companies access to skilled professionals capable of delivering distinctive customer experiences to market with speed and precision. With eight offices across Europe and the United States and a team of 400 design and development experts, Infinum will offer local market knowledge with a global strategy.

“Consumer demand for frictionless user experiences is at an all-time high, and it’s only going to increase as AI leads to revolutionary change in our industry. We are entering a new era of technology, and we are already seeing brands looking for outside expertise to navigate these rapid changes. Given these trends, Infinum and ETR are strategically coming together so we can better guide our large global clients through the challenges they will face in the future,” comments James Cole, CEO at ExpandTheRoom.

“Insights, experience, and energy fuel great creative work, and the potential that’s unlocked by this combined team is incredibly exciting,” says ETR Creative Director and Co-Founder Todd Doyle.

This boost to Infinum’s stateside ranks strengthens the company’s link to the largest digital services market in the world. Combining its resources with ETR’s, the award-winning consultancy will offer future and existing clients access to a broader team of specialists who can build and maintain digital products in rapidly evolving areas such as AI, IoT, and cybersecurity.



Founded in 2005, Infinum is an independent design and development consultancy that partners with leading global brands and world-renowned enterprises to deliver innovative digital solutions for an array of industries including finance, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and automotive. Infinum’s work is used by millions around the world and has been recognized for prestigious industry awards including Red Dot and iF Design Award. Employing almost 400 professionals, the company operates from eight offices across the US and Europe to design, build, and scale authentic digital experiences that deliver value to business and empower people.

Infinum has a history of working with major global brands and has a diverse client roster including Philips, Porsche and Hallmark.

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For the past 20 years, ETR has helped forward-thinking companies create meaningful digital experiences for the web and beyond. With a team spanning the U.S., ETR has worked with brands such as Citibank, NHL, ESPN, Reuters, Roblox, Business Insider, and Honda to define strategies and execute products with a heavy UX and design focus. Striving to make products that are beautiful, useful, and, above all, effective, ETR has developed a proprietary framework for solving design challenges called Purpose-Driven Design.

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